From the archive of struggle, no.7

More updates from Entdinglichung:

Here are some highlights:

Projet de scannerisation de la revue Socialisme ou Barbarie:

* Socialisme ou Barbarie, No. 1, März-April 1949

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Victor Serge: The Bandits (1912)
* C.L.R. James: The Task Of Building The American Bolshevik Party (1946)
* Irwing Howe: On Comrade Johnson’s American Resolution – Or Soviets In The Sky (1946)
* Paul Mattick: Arbeitslosigkeit, Arbeitslosenfürsorge und Arbeitslosenbewegung in den Vereinigten Staaten (1936)

* Ein ganzer Haufen Dokumente aus der Presse der Socialist Party of America (SPA) aus der Zeit des Ersten Weltkrieges (alle als pdf-Datei):
** Emanuel Julius: “Eugene V. Debs, Interviewed for Appeal, Sees Bright Chance for His Election to the United States Congress: ‘Voters Sure to Come to Us,’ Says Veteran Champion of the Working Class–Comrades Throughout the Country Support the Campaign with Silver Ballots–Fifth Indiana District Being Flooded with Socialist Literature,” (1916)
** James Oneal: “A Short Cut to Revolution,” (1916)
** Leo Trotzki: “A Revolutionist’s Career,” (1917)
** Henry Ollikainen: “The Reds and the Yellows,” (1917)
** John Reed: “Why I Am Against Conscription: An Open Letter to Members of Congress,” (1917)
** A.L. Sugarman: “Letter to the Editor of New Times, (1917)
** Appeal to Reason: “Stand United!” (1917)
** Advance: “Dr. M. Goldfarb Will Return to Work in Russia: Revolution Has Opened Way for Him to Continue Work for the Bund, Halted in 1913 by the Romanov Autocracy– He is Member of ACW of A.” (1917)
** Eugene V. Debs: “The Majority Report,” (1917)
** St. Louis Labor: “Socialist Peace Plan Wins! President Wilson Adopts Bolsheviki Policy: Socialists of Nation Rally to Back Them Up,” (1918)
** Alfred Wagenknecht: “Statement to the American Socialist Movement when Sentence was Affirmed,” (1918)
** Eugene V. Debs: “Karl Marx the Man: An Appreciation,” (1918)
** Carl D. Thompson: “The Right Socialist Platform,” (1918)
** Eugene V. Debs: “The Russian Revolution and the Germans [excerpt],” (1918)
** Emanuel Haldeman-Julius: “So Long, Louis! Our Hearts Are With You!” (1918)

*British Trotsykist Denzil Harber:
** D. Harber: Religion in the Soviet Union Part I (1945)
* *D. Harber: Religion in the Soviet Union Part II (1945)
* *D. Harber: The Nationalist Degeneration of Stalinism (1945)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Andreu Nin: Le problème des organes du pouvoir dans la Révolution espagnole (1937)
* Jacques Danos/Marcel Gibelin: Les caractères propres des occupations françaises en 1936 (1952)
* Julius Martov: Extrait sur les soviets (1919)
* Theodor Dan: Avant-propos à “Le bolchevisme mondial” de Martov (1923)


* Lucio Colletti: Introduction to Marx’s early writings (1975, der Autor war bis Mitte der 1970er ein bekannter undogmatischer Marxist, wurde dann Sozialdemokrat und schloss sich Mitte der 1990er Berlusconi an, dessen Forza Italia er von 1996 bis zu seinem Tode 2001 in der italienischen Abgeordnetenkammer vertrat)
* Anarchist groups in Poland – Lódź 1905 – 1939 (mit Originaldokumenten)
* Robert Lumley: Institutionalization from below: The unions and social movements – 1970s Italy (1970)
* Bruno Ramirez: The working class struggle against the crisis: self-reduction of prices in Italy (1975)

Rustbelt Radical:

* Rosa Luxemburg: Stagnation and Progress in Marxism (1903)

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