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YourFriendinTheNorth: Ending the silence (on the demons of the Spanish Civil War). Max Dunbar: Where to begin? (on the right wing claim that Britain is close to Orwell’s Oceania). Norm, like Trotsky before him, is aging. Orwell’s Diary reaches a new high.

Biographies and obituaries

* Hoang Khoa Khoi (1917-2009): death of a Vietnamese Trotskyist.
* Gustav Doster, aka Gustl, 1904-1977: German anarchist and veteran of the Erich Mühsam and Sacco-Vanzetti Centuries in Spain.
* Alberto Meschi, 1879-1958: Italian syndicalist and anti-fascist, active in exile in Argentina and France, founder of the Antifascist Concentration and of the Italian League of Human Rights, and veteran of the Rosselli Column in Spain.
* Albert De Jong, 1891-1970: Dutch syndicalist and anti-Nazi resistance fighter.
* Heinrich Friedetzky, 1910-1998: German anarchist, anti-fascist hero and Spanish civil war fighter.

From the archive of struggle, no.10: multilingual edition [below the fold]Mostly via Comrade Ent.:

* Rudolf Rocker: Fritz Kater et les origines du syndicalisme révolutionnaire en Allemagne (1945)
* Rudolf Rocker: Jean Heffner gestorben (1927)
* Rudolf Rocker: Jean Heffner gestorben (1927) * Andreu Nin: Les principes et la tactique de l’I.S.R (1933)
* Agustín Guillamón: El club de fútbol EL JÚPITER (2004)
* Theses of the Workers Opposition (1921)
* Jean Zyromski: Ouvrez la frontière ! (1937)
* Boris Souvarine: Préface à ‘Cours nouveau’ de Trotsky (1924)
* Max Shachtman: The history of Bolshevism: Trotsky’s “prophecy” and Lenin’s party (1948, pdf-Datei)
* Letter from Emma Goldman to William Robinson January 26, 1932
* Letter from Emma Goldman to Upton Sinclair 26 January 1932 (back of page)
* Libertad, organ of the Anarchist Federation of the Centre (FAC): Mexican anarchism, 1939.

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