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One year ago today 17 year old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez became another grim statistic in the all too frequent deaths of agricultural workers in the heat of California’s fields. Today the United Farm Workers is asking that you remember her death by joining them in pressing the government of California to pass a bill removing some of the impediments to unionization of agricultural labourers in that state. Only strong unions can prevent such unnecessary deaths. Here is the UFW’s appeal.[]

The following story and appeal for a “virtual vigil” is from the United Farm Workers.
Join the virtual vigil for heat victim Eladio HernandezTake action to prevent future deaths:
Fifteen farm workers have died of heat-related complications since July 2004. We will be conducting vigils on the anniversary of each of their deaths–where we will share the worker’s story–and invite you to join in virtually by telling legislators and Gov. Schwarzenegger that enough is enough, farm workers need a tool where they can protect themselves.[…]

This is another item that has been all over the “anarcho-net”. I have chosen to reprint the version in the Polish anarchism news service Centrum Informacji Anarchistczej . The original source is the Venezuelan anarchist magazine El Libertario.
The following is about yet another case of the so-called socialist government of Venezuela versus the workers of that country. To say the least this comes as no surprise to Molly, as she is very doubtful of the “good intentions” of a new ruling class such as the ‘Boli Bourgeoise‘ (as they are called in Venezuela) whatever their ideological pronouncements. Self interest tends to weigh very heavy in the scale. The situation described below will undoubtedly reoccur time after time in the future, barring the end of the Peronist Chavez regime. The word “Peronist” is important in the previous sentence. Without going off the ideological deep end in describing the present regime in Venezuela as “fascist” it is very important to note that this regime stands in a long line of dirigiste populist movements in Latin America, of which the Peronist regime in Argentina was the original model, regimes that use the rhetoric of “popular power” to actually undermine any real attempt at such.[…]

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