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Bloggery/Anti-Stalinism: A wonderful photo of Leon Trotsky, Diego Rivera and Andre Breton in Mexico. Standing with Trotsky’s victims at Kronstadt. Dovid Katz: Prague’s Declaration of Disgrace, on the purported moral equivalence between fascism and Stalinism. Michael Lind: “neoconservatism looks less like Wilsonianism than like Trotskyism-Trumanism”.

Bloggery/Orwellia: Ken McLeod on Jura, discussing surveillance. Orwell’s 1984 and the Fabians. Ken Loach locks out George Orwell. Ken Loach as the Ken Barlow of film. Better than Loach: Kevin Spacey and Homage to Catalonia. The misapprorpiation of Orwell by the free market right.

History: AWL narrates its pre-history in British Trotskyism from the 1940s to the 1960s. Socialist and anti-Stalinist songs of the 1950s by by Joe Glazer and Bill Friedland and others.

Below the fold: From the archive of struggle, no.18:  Fernando Tarrida del Marmol Archive: At the Bar of Justice, 1897

Hal Draper Archive: The Franco- Soviet Alliance and the World Proletariat (Socialist Appeal October, 1935); Karl Marx and Simon Bolívar (New Politics Winter, 1968)

The Communist Index, theoretical magazine published by the Workers (Communist) Party of America: Lessons of the Russian Revolution, (1927), Allexander Bittelman

William F. Dunne Archive and The Communist Index, theoretical magazine published by the Workers (Communist) Party of America: The Thirtieth Convention of the United Mine Workers of America, (1927)

J. T. Murphy Archive: Confusion on the ‘Left’ (1939)

Pierre Broué Internet Archive 5 chapters from his major work on the U.S.S.R. and Bolshevik Party: The History of the Bolshevik Party (CP) of the U.S.S.R.

At La Bataille Socialiste:

Workers’ Liberty:

(The usual thank you.)

Anarchist biographies from Libcom:

Sacha Piotr.Sacha Piotr (Sascha Pjotr) aka Alexander Shapiro aka Sergei 1889/1890-1942(?)

A short biography of the obscure figure of Ukrainian anarchist Sacha Piotr-real name Alexander Schapiro, active in the Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, France and Germany. He fought with the anarchists in Spain and was murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz. Father of the gifted mathematican Alexander Grothendieck.

Alexander Schapiro was born into a Jewish family with a Hasidic background in Novozybkov in the Ukraine on October 11th 1889 or 6th August 1890. This is the date given by his son Alexander, but it is not clear whether this was by the Julian or Gregorian calendar! In addition the Red Cross report of 1957 on him give two different birth dates, one of 10/11/1889 and one of 11/10/1889!…

Borisov, Sergei Makarovich (aka Sasha Ciorniyi, Makar Sliahovsky, Piotr, Seeii; 1884 – 1910)

A short biography of Sergei Borisov, organiser of anarchist combat groups in south Russia and the Ukraine

Sergei Makarovich Borisov was born in Kharkov on 4th of October 1884 into a family of workers. At the age of 16 he started working as a turner and then as a fitter in a Kharkov factory. In 1901 he joined a social-democratic circle. In summer 1904 he left the Social Democrats to join the Odessa Group of Anarchist Communists and soon became a leading member…

Dubovsky, Rosa (18?-1972) nee Chanovsky

A short biography of Rosa Dubovsky, active in the anarchist movements in Russia and Argentina

Rosa Chanovsky came from a Jewish family in Tsarist Russia, and entered the anarchist movement there. Her husband Adolf Dubovsky(later known in Argentina as Adolfo) was conscripted into the Russian Army and during the 1905 Revolution turned over an arms arsenal to the revolutionaries. Together with her husband Rosa fled to Turkey. From there Rosa moved to France and her husband to Buenos Aires…

Engelson, Boris Jakovlevich (Yiddish name Berko Jankelev Engelson) 1881 –1908)

A short biography of Boris Engelson, indefatigable publisher of Russian underground anarchist literature

Berko Engelson was born around 1881 in Minsk into a family of Jewish merchant-peddlers. In 1900 he became politically active and joined the Bund, the Jewish Social-Democratic organisation. He soon had to emigrate to Paris for fear of reprisals from the authorities where in January 1902 he joined the anarchist-communists and the Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad…

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