From the archive of struggle, no.26

This week, a bumper edition, and a multi-lingual treat. Includes lots of things stolen from Entdinglichung, and possibly repeating one or two things I’ve already mentioned. Features the POUM, the Spanish civil war, Italian anarchists in WWII, Irish anarchists in the 1970s, German left communism, American Trotskyists in the 1930s (including Dwight MacDonald and Hal Draper), Trotsky himself, ultra-leftists on the Iraq war, and much more. Beneath the fold. Stuff in English at the top, scroll down for other languages.

In English:

The Lubitz Trotskyanna:

* The Pierre Broué Bibliography has been updated.

Revolutionary History:

* Vol. 10, no. 1 (Spring 2009). Rosa Luxemburg: Selected political and literary writings. Partial list of contents/authors: [Selected writings by Rosa Luxemburg on biographical and literary topics, on political issues, on problems of party organisation and on Russian affairs;most of the assembled items were never before published in English language]; Selina Perera, by Charles Wesley Ervin; Pierre Lambert (1920-2008), by Vincent Présumey. The issue also contains 10 obituaries (Karuppiah Appanraj, Peter ‘Pedro’ Miguel Camejo, Pete Glatter, Jorge Guidobono, Celia Hart Santamaria, Ludwik Hass, Sy Landy, Brian Pearce, Dov Shas, BJ Widick), and last not least the sections “Work in progress” (2 review articles), “Reviews” (14 single reviews), and “Letters. 290 pp. Format: 15.2×23.5 cm. ISBN 978-0-85036-693-8 ; 0-9551127-4-5

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Anarchist Workers Alliance: Anarchist Worker, Oktober/November 1979


* Resolution of the anarchist congress of Ventotene (1942)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

*Added to the C.L.R. James Archive:
**Beatrice Webb, Reformist (New International May, 1943)
**The Philosophy of History and Necessity – A Few Words with Professor Hook (New International July and October, 1943)

*Added to the Maurice Brinton Internet Archive:
**Revolutionary Organization, 1961
**The Commune, Paris 1871, 1961

* Artikel aus dem Socialist Appeal, Juni 1936
** From Our Viewpoint
** Albert Glotzer: The French Elections – To Socialism or Fascism?
** Hal Draper: The Case Against Sanctions and “Neutrality Legislation” [Part II]
** Rudolph C. Olson: Convention of Socialist Party of Illinois
** Proposal for a Socialist Party Election Platform for 1936

* Artikel aus der New International, Mai 1941
** The Editor’s Comments,
** Joseph Arnold: Counter-Revolution in Mexico
** M. Wilson: Anarchism in Spain
** Hal Draper: Hook Purges Marxism
** Joseph Carter: Stalinism and the War
** T.N. Vance: Features of U.S. Imperialism
** Albert Glotzer: German Society and Capitalism – II
** Dwight Macdonald: Fascism – A New Social Order

*Added to the Josip Broz Tito Archive: Speech in the Indian Parliament (1954)


* Interventions by the KAPD at the 3rd Congress of the Communist International (1921)
* Eric Hobsbawm: Socialism and the Avant-Garde, 1880-1914 (1980)
* Eric Hobsbawm: Birth of a Holiday: The First of May (1994)
* Letter of América Scarfó to Emile Armand (1928)
* International Bolshevik Tendancy: Criticism of internationalist anti-war statement (2003)
* Red and Black Notes: Red and Black Notes reply to the International Bolshevik Tendancy (2003)
* Internationalist Perspectives: The Gulf War of 2003 (2003)
* Internationalist Perspectives: Don’t talk about the danger of war – unless you are prepared to speak about capitalism! (2003)
* Red and Black Notes: What’s Going On – Iraq: Two Years after the ‘End’ of the War (2005)
* International Bureau for a Revolutionary Party (IBRP): Iraq: Oil, Blood and Class (2003)
* From Bloody Sunday to Trafalgar Square (1991)
* A brief history of the Red Menace (1990)
* The Red Menace: Demolish Fortress Britain (1989)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Sean Matgamnna: Chris Bambery’s “Ireland’s Permanent Revolution” (1987)

In Defence of Marxism:

* David May: The 75th Anniversary of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters Strike (2009)
*Steve Reynolds: The Early Years of the CPGB (2009)

Other languages:

En lucha:

* Pierre Broué La revolución española (1931-1939) (1977)

Nin Foundation:

“Recuerdos personales: última prisión” (febrero a mayo 1944), por Juan Andrade.
“El legado de las Brigadas Internacionales” , por Andy Durgan.
“Jesús Ibáñez, en la caverna de Zarathustra” , por Ernesto Burgos.
“En el 70 aniversario de la fundación del POUM: la lucha por la libertad y el socialismo” , por Wilebaldo Solano, 2005.
“Actos en Villanova i la Geltrú y en Barcelona” , crónica de Pello Erdoziain.
“Ecología y socialismo: el combate de Chico Mendes” , por Michel Löwy.
“Homenaje a Rosa y a Karl” , por Enrique del Olmo.
“Dos antológicas de Trotsky” , por Pepe Gutiérrez-Álvarez.
“Prólogo a “La era de la revolución permanente” , por Enrique Tierno Galván, 1976.
“Némesis porcina” , por Claudio Albertani.
“Angelopulos: la permanencia de un viaje” , por Juan Manuel Vera.
“Castoriadis y el regreso de lo religioso. Auto-alternación de la sociedad y meta-norma” , por Rafael Miranda.
“Camaradas: un alegato anticomunista (Respuesta a Robert Service)” , por Antonio Liz.
“Abel Paz y la historia proletaria” , por  Pepe Gutiérrez-Álvarez.


* Ένα κείμενο του Camillo Berneri: Δημοσιεύθηκε στην εφημερίδα “Guerra di Classe” (“Ταξικόις Πόλεμος”) Νο 2 ,17 Οκτωβρίου 1936.
* Απόφαση του Αναρχικού Συνεδρίου του Ventotene (1942)
* Il testamento politico di Mühsam: 75 anni fa, Erich Mühsam, il grande poeta ed attivista anarchico tedesco fu impiccato nella notte dal 9 al 10 luglio 1934 nel campo di concentramento di Oranienburg.
* Los anarquistas ecuatorianos frente a la Guerra y Revolución Social Española (1936-1939)
* Gabriela Costanzo: Los indeseables – Las Leyes de Residencia y de Defensa Social [Argentina 1902-1910]
* Minha Pátria é o Mundo Inteiro: Neno Vasco, Anarquismo e Sindicalismo Revolucionário em Dois Mundos [Brazil/Guyana/Suriname, 1887-1920]
* El Levantamiento Artesanal de 1893 en Bogotá

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Ernest Mandel: Actualidade da Teoria Leninista da Organização à Luz da Experiência Histórica (1975)
* Pierre Broué: Trotskisterna i Sovjetunionen (1929-1938) (1980)
* Leo Trotzki: Carta a James P. Cannon (1940)

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