On this day: 7 August

At the bottom of the post, below the fold, book notes and the archive of struggle.

On this day, from Anarchoefemerides:

On this day in 1900, in Mexico, Regeneración: Periódico Jurídico Independiente was founded by Jesús Flores Magón,  Antonio Horcasitas, and Ricardo Flores Magón. This was a key event in Mexican anarchism and in starting the Mexican revolution. Read more here, here and here.

On this day in 1894, in Gijón in Asturias, Avelino González Mallada was born. He died earlier this month. Orphaned when he was six, he was brought up by his grandmother, and started work at a factory aged 11. In 1911 he joined the National Confederation of Labor (CNT) and was fired shortlywards. After a spell in Paris, he returned to Spain and, blacklisted for his politics, worked in the anarchist movement, editing periodicals likeVida Obrera and Solidaridad and teaching in libertarian schools. y, luego, de CNT de Madrid. During the Civil War, he supported the Popular Front and was active in its military defence, in the Provincial Committee of the Popular Front in Oviedo and later the Defense Committee in Gijón and the Commissariat of War on behalf of the CNT. On October 15, 1936, he was elected mayor of Gijón. In 1938, he was appointed special delegate of the General Council of the International Solidarity Antifascist and moved to United States to seek help. There he died in a car accident on March 27, 1938. [Source/Source]

On this day in 1927, there were global demonstrations against the execution in the US of the Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. In Paris, 200,000 supporters marched. More on Sacco and Venzetti from the People’s Informative.

Continue reading for reviews of books on Mandel, Silone, Orwell and Berlin and for archival material on Brinton, James, Dunayevskaya and others.

Book notes:

*Ernest Mandel. A Rebel’s Dream Deferred by Jan Willem Stutje, reviewed by Andrew Coates.
*Bitter Spring: A Life of Ignazio Silone By Stanislao Pugliese, reviewed by George Scialabba.
*Isaiah Berlin Enlightening: Letters 1946–1960, edited by Henry Hardy and Jennifer Holmes,  and Henry Hardy The Book of Isaiah: Personal impressions of Isaiah Berlin, reviewed by AN Wilson and by Jonathan Ree.
*George Orwell Facing Unpleasant Facts and All Art is Propaganda, edited by George Packer, reviewed by Liam Julian.

From the archive of struggle, no.27.

Almost all via Ent.

La Bataille Socialiste:
* Un atelier d’outillage chez Renault (1959, fromJournal d’un ouvrier by Daniel Mothé)
* Mansoor Hekmat: Conseils ouvriers et syndicats : les questions cruciales de la discussion (1986)
* ICO: Les conseils ouvriers en Yougoslavie (1966)
* Boris Souvarine: Exclus mais communistes (1925)

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):
* Ligue des communistes: Bulletin intérieur, Oktober 1932
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): IVe internationale, Oktober-November 1948
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur “La Vérité”, Dezember 1949
* Ligue communiste révolutionnaire (LCR): Solidarité avec Solidarnosc. Socialisme oui, stalinisme non ! (1980)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):
* C.L.R. James: The Philosophy of History and Necessity – A Few Words with Professor Hook (1943)
* C.L.R. James: Beatrice Webb, Reformist (1943)
* Maurice Brinton: Revolutionary Organization (1961)
* Maurice Brinton: The Commune, Paris 1871 (1961)
* Jean-Patrick Manchette: Five Remarks on How I Earn My Living (1976)
* Mansoor Hekmat: Nationalisme de gauche et communisme ouvrier (1987)
* Mansoor Hekmat: Parti et société (1998)

* Christopher Day: The Historical Failure of Anarchism (1996, starts with reflections on Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom)

The Commune:
* Raya Dunayevskaya: The Cuban Revolution (1960)

The Anarchist Library:
*Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement by François Martin and Jean Barrot (AKA Gilles Dauvé)
*“Contrast” by B.Traven AKA Ret Marut

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