On this day: 14 August

From The Daily Bleed:

Pietro Gori, Italian anarchist, source anarca-bolo.ch/a-rivista/311
1865 — Italy: Pietro Gori lives, in Messina. Italian lawyer, ardent defender of the anarchists & himself an anarchist & labor propagandist. Forced into exile numerous times. Founder of the (FORA (in Argentina), the review “Criminologia moderna” &, with Luigi Fabbri, the journal “Il pensiero.” Wrote poetry & plays & author of the famous song Addio Lugano bella.

In 1894 Gori escaped the repression in Italy, attending conferences & agitating in England & the US. Returned to Italy in 1898 to defend the many defendants (including Malatesta) indicted after the General Strike against the increase of bread prices on January 17-18, in Ancône. The movement grew &, on May 7, riots took place in Milan. The army fired on demonstrators, killing hundreds. Repression was wild & Gori went into exile in Buenos Aires, & initiated, in 1901, the FORA (Federation Obrera Regional Argentina). He returned to Europe in 1902. The FORA grew to 250,000 members. In 1909 it split into two organizations, FORA du IXe Congrès (reformist), & FORA du Ve Congrès (maintaining the libertarian ideals).

In Aragonese, see http://www.nelvento.net/addio-lugano.html
In Italian see the Chronology by Franco Bertolucci
In Brazilian Portuguese, see http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/Encyclopedia/GoriPietro/Gori.html
Poems, http://www.giardinaggio.it/poesie/paginzpoesie.asp

Rafael Pellicer, anarchist1890 — Spain: Rafael Farga Pellicer (1840?-1890) dies. Typographer, advocate of cooperativism & federalism, anarchist.

He met with Giuseppe Fanelli in 1868, & helped create the Barcelona section of the AIT, of which he was an influential member & its representative at numerous AIT congresses (International Workingman’s Association, a section within the First International).

Further details/ context, click here; libertarian, anarchico, anarchismo, anarchici, anarchica, anarchy, anarquista[Details / context]

1936 — Spain: The fascist insurgents take Badajoz; over 4,000 people are massacred in the next ten days.

1980 — Poland: After two months of labor turmoil, 16,000 Polish workers seize the Lenin Shipyard, Gdansk.

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