From the archive of struggle, no.29

This week, as a response to a visit from Julie Herrara, I am delighted to add the Labadie Collection to my blogroll, and to feature it here. Below the fold, much more, including Maurice Brinton, the 1946 RAF mutiny, and much more. Browse the whole series here.

The Joseph A. Labadie Collection, as its website describes it, is the oldest research collection of radical history in the United States, documenting a wide variety of international social protest movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is named for anarchist and labor organizer Joseph Antoine Labadie (1850-1933).

The website of the Colletion has a number of on-line exhibitions:  Jo Labadie and His Gift to Michigan: A Legacy for the Masses, Radical Responses to the Great Depression, Joseph Ishill and the Authors and Artists of the Oriole Press, The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, August 1968, Anarchist Images: Posters from the Labadie Collection.

Here are some of the treasures. Click on them to find yourself in the exhibition:

Among those I’ve featured here are the poster for a CNT speaker in New York, a Yiddish poster advertising Rudolf Rocker speaking about Spain, material relating to Norman Thomas and his Socialist Party, a magazine of the Marxist Workers League, and a novel by James Farrell.

The rest. Mostly (at the risk of excessive circularity) via Ent.

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Socialist Party of the U.S.: Justice triumphs in Spain! A letter about the trial of the POUM (1938)
* Résolution adoptée par le Congrès des minoritaires de la CGT (1921)
* Fernand Loriot: Thèses (1925)
* Marcel Valière: La politique sociale du Front populaire (1962)
* Lettre de Karl Marx à son éditeur (1872)
* Paul Mattick: Interview (1977)
* Socialist Standard: Barcelona! (1909)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Maurice Brinton: For Workers’ Power (1965)
* Maurice Brinton: Review: What is Class Consciousness? (1972)
* Maurice Brinton: Review: Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis (1972)
* Maurice Brinton: The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control (1970)


* David Duncan: Mutiny in the RAF: the air force strikes of 1946 (1999)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Workers’ Fight: One Year On (1973)


* Για το “Θεός και Κρ&… by Paul Avrich (1970)
* La Visita de Pietro Gori a Chile (1901)
* Fallece a los 91 años el último brigadista internacional cubano

Anarchist biographies from Libcom:

A short biography of David Kogan, devoted Russian anarchist and escaper extraordinaire.

Comrade David Kogan (Lev Rubin), an attractive personality, a man of high
integrity and renown as a revolutionary Anarchist,
” The Guillotine at Work, Grigori Maximov

* Gutman, [Gotman] Iosif I. aka Iosif the Emigrant) (1890-1920)

A short biography of Russian Jewish anarchist Iosif the Emigrant who was a strong advocate of close cooperation between the anarchist movement and the Makhnovists

“A short, slender man of thirty, with lustrous dark eyes set wide apart, and a face of peculiar sadness. The expression of his eyes still haunts me: now mournful, now irate, they reflect all the tragedy of his Jewish descent. His smile speaks the kindliness of a heart that has suffered and learned to understand”. The Bolshevik Myth, Alexander Berkman.

From the archive of struggle no.28 here.

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