Josefa Pepita Reimundi

Thanks to Ent for news of the death of comrade Josefa Pepita Reimundi, a POUM veteran and active in the Fundació Andreu Nin. Below the fold is an edited version of a google translation of the obituary.

Josefa (Pepita) Reimundi i Florensa, teacher and fighter

POUM leader and activist in FETE-Federation of Education Workers, UGT, died August 15 after an intense life  given to others, at the age of 92. The city of Lleida and its numerous UGT members honored the teacher and activist Reimundi Josefa Francoat.

She was born in Balaguer in 1917 and began working at the school in this town lleidetá during 36/37. She studied at the Ecole Normale of the Republic, where the advanced ideas of educator Pepita Uriz politically framed the ancestor of the POUM, the BOC, Worker and Peasant Bloc of Joaquin Maurin. She began her political journey in the FETE UGT in 1931.

During the war and the 1936 revolution, religious schools were closed and, in response, the Revolutionary Committee of Lleida opened new ones.  Josefa, prominent member of the POUM, led the new school of Balaguer located in the old convent of Sant Doménech.

When Franco’s troops in 1938 occupied Balaguer, Pepita was arrested and taken to Lleida together with other comrades, imprisoned and subjected to a tribunal and sentenced to 30 years in prison. She was successively in prisons in Lleida, Barbastro Saturrarán Huesca and in the Basque Country.

Back in Lleida, after the war, she was to combine dedication to tutoring and a job as an accountant for Armengol furniture. She joined the postwar POUM with her husband Josep Tufet, a trade unionist.  We recently described those difficult first years of resistance against the dictatorship in “Brief biographical profile of the POUM leadership of Lleida.. A.Romano. 2009.

Pepita spent another year in prison again before returning to private tutoring. Had to wait 38 years to return to her teaching job at the end of the dictatorship. First at Colegio de Champs Elysees, after the Cervantes later in Sant Antoni, in the Segarra. Her wide dedication to teaching and education led her before her retirement at the Institute of Education Sciences to become a director, among other projects promoting the implementation of university classes for seniors, a pioneering initiative in Catalonia.

In the obituary of Pepita Reimundi emerges the memory of a great revolution, the workers of Lleida, who faced the 1936 military coup and implemented successfully in adverse conditions, workers’ power and its institutions, including public school, Mixed, Lay and Compulsory. With the flash of memory of the exemplary record of Pepita Reimundi still reach us the lights of the torches of those columns that surrounded and workers taken in 1936 “la ciutat llunyana” Lleida, we hear echoes of the distant city.

Romano, miembro de la Fundación Andreu Nín. Romano, a member of Andreu Nin Foundation. Borjas Blancas (Lleida), Agosto de 2009. Borjas Blancas (Lleida), August 2009.

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