From the archive of struggle, no.30

Above the fold: American democratic socialists from and Russian anarchists from Libcom. Below the fold: links purloined from Ent, from assorted renegade Marxists and Third Campists. Browse the whole series here.

*1905 Average Paid Membership by States, Socialist Party of America.
*Ticket of the Socialist Party of Texas, 1906.
*Socialist Party of America campaign book (1908).
*Report of the Socialist Party of the United States to the International Congress at Copenhagen, 1910 – Hillquit, Morris,; 1869-1933; Berger, Victor L.,; 1860-1929; Barnes, J. Mahlon.
*Armenian Revolutionary Federation Report in Socialist International Congress 1910.
*Report of the Hungarian Socialist Federation to the National Committee of the Socialist Party of America, May 1913.
*Patterson, Joseph Medill. The notebook of a neutral (1916).
*The congress of the labour and socialist international. (1920)
*National Convention. Socialist Labor Party. Reports, Resolutions, Platform, etc. (1921)
*Norman Thomas Socialist Party 1928 election platform.
*Proceedings of the 1962 National Convention of the Socialist Party [of America] (1962)
*Socialist Party-Social Democratic Federation. Socialist platform 1960.


Budanov Avraam ( 1886? – 1928?1929?).

A short biography of Avraam Budanov, who fought with the Makhnovists and continued an underground struggle after the defeat of the movement.

Vdovichenko, Trofim Yakovlevich (1889-1921)

A short biography of Trofim Vdovichenko, gifted guerilla commander and one of the most heroic figures of the Makhnovist movement

Trofim Vdovichenko was born into a family of poor peasants in Novospasovka in the Ukraine. He received a primary education. From 1910 he was a member of the Novospasovka group of anarchist-communists, alongside Viktor Belash ,Vassily Kurilenko, Luca Bondarets, Filipp Goncharenko, Vladimir Protsenko and Fomenko who also all had leading roles in the Makhnovist movement later on.

The Commune:

Eine Einleitung von Chris Kane zu den beiden nachfolgenden Texten hier
* Lev Rybalka-Yurkevych: The Russian Social Democrats and the National Question (1917)
* Yuri Pyatakov/Yevgeniya Bosh/Nikolai Bukharin: Theses on the Right of Nations to Self-determination (191?)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Ernest Mandel: Georg Jungclas (1975)
* André Gunder Frank: In Memoriam: Tribute To Ernest Mandel (1995)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* L’Espagne socialiste: Le Comité d’Action Socialiste pour l’Espagne en 1937 (1937)
* Daniel Guérin: La Peste brune (I: Avant la catastrophe) (1965)
* Josef Strasser: L’internationalisme (1912)
* Otto Rühle: Which Side To Take? (1940)
* Charles Reeve: Serge Bricianer, des nuances du noir et du rouge vif (1997)

Big Flame 1970-1984:


Collectif Smolny:

* BILAN: Projet de rapport sur la situation en Italie (1935)
* BILAN: Le prolétariat italien est-il absent ? (1936)
* Étincelles de la Gauche marxiste russe : 1881-1923 (3). Troisième partie – Des bricoleurs à l’assaut des nuages : 1917-1919
* Maximilien Rubel: Marx Édition du Jubilé 1883 -1983 (1983)


* Bertold Brecht: The Other Germany (1943/44)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Janine Booth: From Radical Feminism to lesbian chic (1995)
* Steve Jefferys: The “IS-SWP tradition“ 5: How the SWP narrowed into a sect (1995)
* Alan Johnson: The road to something more democratic than Parliament (1995)
* John McIlroy: Dockers’ struggles and oral history (1995)
* Sean Matgamna: Marxism and Ireland (1995)
* Crime writer Walter Mosley talks about change from the ’40s to the ’90s (1995)
* Jack Cleary: Socialist ABCs: Was Stalinism progressive? (1995)
* Workers’ Fight: Workers’ Fight on general strike and the call for a Labour government, 1972-3 (1973)
* Editorial of „Permanent Revolution“ no.1, spring 1973
* Sean Matgamna: Why did working-class militancy collapse in face of Thatcherism? (1983)
* Friedrich Engels: Preface to the Second German Edition of Condition of the Working Class in England (1892, Auszug)

From the Archive of struggle no.29: Joseph Labadie Library special here.

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