Graphic Witness

This is wonderful: Karl Marx’s Capital in lithographs, by Hugo Gellert, from 1934, reached via Hak Mao. Gellert illustrated Max Eastman’s The Liberator too. File:Liberator-cover-1803.jpg

Below the fold, From the Archive of Struggle, no.31. I think this edition is almost completely stolen from Entdinglichung.

The Commune:

* Harry Braverman: Labour and Monopoly Capital (1974, pdf-datei, 54,8, mb, S. 24-41)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Rosa Luxemburg: L’ adaptation du capitalisme par le crédit (1989)
* Marceau Pivert: Letter to Trotsky (1939)
* Karl Marx: Le rôle du crédit dans la production capitaliste (1867)
* Gabriel Deville: The Materialistic Conception of History (1983)
* Pierre Souyri: Révolutions russes et totalitarisme (1976)
* Rudolf Hilferding: Cartels et crises (1910)
* Célestin Freinet: Réalisateurs révolutionnaires (1929)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Lettre à Korsch (1926)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Lettera a Karl Korsch (1926)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Henk Sneevliet: Zegepraal (1922)
* Leo Trotzki [Leon Trotsky]: Correspondence on the Custody of His Grandson (1938); Stalin – An Appraisal of the Man and His Influence (1940)
* Ernest Mandel: Rosa Luxemburg y la socialdemocracia alemana (1971)
* George Orwell: Разоткривање на шпанската тајна (1937)


* Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz/Jack Womack, Jr: Revolution In The Air: The Historical Significance Of The Green Corn Rebellion (2008)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Leo Trotzki: On World War Two (1939)
* Leo Trotzki: Only revolution can end war (Extracts from an interview with Leon Trotsky by Sybil Vincent, of the London Daily Herald, March 18 1939)
* Sean Matgamna: British workers and the Stalinist state „unions“ (1981); Two Nations, Two States (2004).
* Socialist Organiser: Self-determination for the peoples of former Yugoslavia! (1992)
* Arguing for a workers’ party based on the non-racial unions in apartheid South Africa (1985/1986/1994)
* Workers’ Liberty: So why do we say vote Labour? (1997)
* „Open The Windows“: AWL and Labour Briefing (1995)
* Socialist Organiser: The fight against pit closures in 1992 and the argument about „General Strike Now!“ (1992)

Rustbelt Radical:

* Ernest Mandel and Daniel Singer Speak (1991)
* Paul Lafargue: The Rights of the Horse and the Rights of Man (1900)
* Ken Loach: September 11, 1973
*Phil Ochs: The Ballad of Joe Hill

Big Flame 1970-1984

* Mike Jones: Extract from a Thesis – Big Flame 1971 to 1981 (1985, pdf-Datei)

Critique Sociale:

* Beauvoir, Marcuse… sur les valeurs dominantes sexistes (1949/1974/…)
* Victor Serge: Une réponse de Victor Serge à Trotsky (1939)

Browse the whole series here. No.30 here.

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  1. May I recommend the Ronald Searle section of the Graphic Witness site, and the art there for Refugees 1960: A Report in Words and Drawings:

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