Anarchist histories

Anarchist histories from Ian Bone. (Plus, below the fold, From the Archive of Struggle no.34, anarchist special, and some new books from AK Press.)


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Ethel MacDonald writing from Barcelona.


One for Leah Feldman.


From the Archive of Struggle, no.34

Usual hat tip to Entdinglichung.


* Peter Kropotkin for Anarchist Communist Congress, London: Attentats and Anarchist Practice (1906) Other languages: FR, ES.
* Report on presentation of first Italian edition of Daniel Guérin’s Pour un marxisme libertaire (2009)
* Santi Fidele: Giustizia e Libertà and the Anarchists prior to the Spanish Civil War (2001)
* Gerhard Wartenberg (FAUD): On National Socialism (1932)
* Luigi Fabbri: Bourgeois influences on anarchism (ca.1914) [also at Libcom]


* Julie Herrada and Tom Hyry: Agnes Inglis: Anarchist Librarian (1999) [source]
* Nestor Makhno: The struggle against the state and other essays (1928/9) [Buy from AK]
* Agustin Guillamón: The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939 (1996) [Buy from AK]

Social Anarchism:

* Brian Morris: Reflections on the “New Anarchism” (2008)
* Adam Goodwin: Anarchism and its Critique of Marxism (2008)
* Thomas Martin: Stuart Christie’s Granny Made Me an Anarchist (2008)


* Cienfuegos: Critique of State Socialism (1981)

Spaces of Hope:

* Will Durant: Socialism and anarchism (1914) [Note: html in 9 parts, pasted from this pdf of the original]
*Noam Chomsky: Notes on Anarchism 1, 2, 3 (1970)
* Howard Zinn: Anarchism and socialism
* Maximilien Rubel: Marx, theorist of anarchism 1, 2, 3, 4 (1973)


* Various Documents on the Stalinism of the ANC (1990, zusammengestellt von Baruch Hirson)
* Aufheben: Class conflicts in the transformation of China (2008)
* John Quail: The slow burning fuse – the lost history of the British anarchists (1978)
** A Personal Introduction
** 01. Radicals, Exiles and Socialist Beginnings
** 02. The Labour Emancipation League
** 03. The Democratic Federation and the Socialist League
** 04. The Anarchist and Freedom… and Dan Chatterton

* Peter Linebaugh: Introduction to Tom Paine (2009)

No.33 here. Whole series here.

Libcom Makhnovist material

The Fomin mutiny on the Don

The red Cossack who led a revolt against the Bolsheviks in the Don region

Iakov Efimovich Fomin was born in 1885 in the Cossack hamlet of Rubezhnoe in Elenskaia stanitsa in the Upper Don district (stanitsas were the village units of the Cossacks, primary units in political and economic administration). He served in an elite Don Cossack unit from 1906. He is described as being six feet tall with a red beard.

Brova or Brava aka Batko Brova, ?-1921

A short biography of Brova, Makhnovist commander, anarchist communist and associate of Maslakov

Brova was born into a peasant family in the village of Novogrigorevka, in the Ekaterinoslav province of the Ukraine. From early childhood, he worked as a mechanic–locksmith at the station at Avdeevka Yuzovsky.

1921: The Maslakov mutiny and the Makhnovists on the Don

The Red Army, inspected by Trotsky, 1921

An account of the Maslakov mutiny in the Red Army which threw the Bolsheviks into consternation.

Beside me on the big bay horse raced Brigade Commander Gregory Maslakov. This was a man of great physical strength and desperate courage. There were in his behaviour major shortcomings, but courage in battle, the ability to win over the soldiers by personal example to achieve victory atoned for them.” Budyenny’s Memoirs

Dermenzhi (Dermendzhi) aka Batko Dermenzhi (around 1880-1921

A short biography of Dermenzhi, Potemkin mutineer, Makhnovist commander and anarchist communist.

Dermenzhi, whose first name remains a mystery for the present, was born in the Ismail district of Bessarabia, within the Russian Empire (and not in Georgia as Skirda states). He came from the middle class. He began to work in the electrical and telegraph services.

Tsebry, Ossip (?-after 1958)

A short biography of Ossip Tsebry, Makhnovist partisan who carried on the armed struggle into the 1940s

In 1993 the Kate Sharpley Library produced a pamphlet Memories of a Makhnovist Partisan, a translation from the French of an originally Russian article that had been included in a booklet by Alexandre Skirda on Makhno. The article had originally been serialised in the Russian exile anarchist communist paper Dielo Truda-Probuzdeniye in 1949 and 1950. It was written by one Ossip Tsebry.

Budanov, Avraam, 1886?-1928/9?

A short biography of Avraam Budanov, who fought with the Makhnovists and continued an underground struggle after the defeat of the movement

Avraam Budanov was born into a peasant family in Slavyanoserbsk in Ekaterinoslav province. From childhood he worked as a fitter in Lugansk. He became an anarchist-communist in 1905, and took part in revolutionary activities in the Donbas basin between1905-1907. In 1917-18 he was an activist of the anarchist movement in the Ukraine, organising anarchist groups and unions among the miners.

New books from AK

My Revolutionary Life Freddy Gomez and Juan Garcia Oliver (Interviewed)
Released: 2009-09-22
Juan Garcia Oliver, the activist who became the world’s only anarchist “Minister for Justice” tells of his life in the CNT (National Confederation of Labor) and FAI (Iberian Anarchist Federation), and gives his account of the Spanish Revolution and Spanish Civil War.
Direct Action Emile Pouget
Released: 2009-09-22
Direct Action is the classic statement of revolutionary syndicalism. Against the slavery that is capitalism, Pouget proposes not faith in the go-betweens of parliament (or union leaderships!) but workers’ own action. Action to win small victories, strengthening and inspiring the working class for the big one: the destruction of capitalism and rebuilding society from the bottom up.
The Soul of Man Under Socialism Oscar Wilde
Released: 2009-09-07
In this 1891 essay, Oscar Wilde exposes the soul-destroying properties of capitalism—properties that, contrary to capitalist myth, undermine and destroy individualism.

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  1. Dear Mister Poum,
    try the Kate Sharpley Library: Recent documents feed
    That would’ve got you the jump on some of those stories, eg Santi Fedele’s Giustizia e Libertà…

    and how can you resist this?

  2. Thanks. Both the Gulag project and the KSL are in my link list, and I have featured the KSL before. I couldn’t see how to get the feed for the recent material, though, but will feature this stuff in one of my next Archive of Struggle posts.

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