I don’t know if it’s been there for a while, but I just noticed that Dissent has an archive of really nicely pdfed back issues of Democratiya. Here are some gems:

Archival material:

The Social Democratic Prospect Sidney Hook (3, 2005. This keynote address was given to the National Convention of Social Democrats, USA, held in New York on July 17-18, 1976)

The Left and Korea Susan Green (5, 2006, originally published as ‘Summing up the discussion on the Korean Statement’ in Forum, the internal bulletin of The Independent Socialist League, in 1950. The ISL (called the Workers Party from 1940-49) was a small American democratic socialist organisation. It published the weekly newspaper Labour Action, edited by Hal Draper (and, before him, Irving Howe, the founder of Dissent), and the magazine The New International, edited for much of the 1950s by Julius Jacobson ( Julius Falk), who went on to found and edit New Politics with his wife Phyllis Jacobson.) Also: Debating World War Three Susan Green (orig 1949, 16, 2009)

Democracy as the Guiding Star Max Shachtman (6, 2006, speech given in Chicago in 1958, alongside Norman Thomas)

The Third Force Memos Ernest Bevin (8, 2007, four memos written by Ernest Bevin, the British Foreign Secretary, and circulated to the Labour Cabinet in January and March 1948.)

The Concept of Totalitarianism Claude Lefort and Three Comments on Claude Lefort Robert Fine (9, 2007, originally 1997), plus Claude Lefort and Democracy Dick Howard
Defending Democratic Values Jean Bethke Elshtain (10, 2007, originally delivered at a conference entitled ‘Sidney Hook and American Democracy: Current Crises, Future Challenges,’ on October 1, 2005, Social Democrats USA.)

The Life of Tom Khan Rachelle Horowitz (originally 2005) and To Max Shachtman Tom Khan (originally 1973), 11, 2007, plus Beyond the Double Standard Tom Khan (first appeared in New America, the newspaper of Social Democrats USA, in July 1985. It had been presented in January 1985 as a speech to the ‘Democratic Solidarity Conference’ organized by the Young Social Democrats(YSD) under the auspices of the Foundation for Democratic Education), 12, 2008

Debating Solidarnosc in 1981 Tom Kahn and Norman Podhoretz (originally 1981, (13, 2008)

Power, Politics and the Labour Party Denis Healey (15, 2008, originally published in New Fabian Essays, edited by
R.H.S. Crossman, Turnstile Press, 1952.)

Democratiya originals:

Open Letter to Tony Benn Alliance for Workers Liberty (2, 2005)

Putting Cruelty First (Pt.1) Interview with Kanan Makiya (3, 2005)

On Gilbert Achcar Patricia Chilton (6, 2006)

Why I did not sign the Euston Manifesto Martin Shaw (6, 2006)

Jabotinsky’s Legacy Evan Daniel (7, 2006, notes influence of Labriola and of Bakunin on Jabotinsky, makes case he was not a fascist)

Orwell in Tribune Nick Cohen (9, 2007)

Letter from Havana Evan Daniel (10, 2007)

The Politics of Edmund Wilson Michael Weiss (12, 2008)

Michael Harrington’s Legacy: An Exchange David A. Guberman & Joshua Muravchik (12, 2008)

1968 special (13, 2008): From ‘Left-Fascism’ to Campus Anti-Semitism Russell A. Berman; An International New Left? Dick Howard; 1968: Revolt against the Masses Fred Siegel; The True Revolutionaries of 1968 Eric Chenoweth; Forget 68: Cohn-Bendit’s new book Philip Spencer.

Alfred Kazin, Hidden Stranger Michael Weiss (13, 2008)

Jacqueline Rose and the ‘Non-Jewish Jew’ Ben Gidley (14, 2008, discusses Marcel Leibman and especially Isaac Deutscher)

On Victor Serge’s Unforgiving Years Michael Weiss (15, 2008)

Poems: Letter To A Full Time Revolutionary Kevin Higgins (15, 2008)/Comrades Kevin Higgins (16, 2009)

Malcolm Caldwell: Pol Pot’s Apologist Michael Ezra (16, 2009)

Stop political terror in Moscow Richard Greeman (16, 2009)

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  2. This is a phenomenal site. Thanks so much!

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