At the head of everything is God, the Lord of Heaven.
Everyone knows that.
Then comes Prince Torlonia, lord of the earth.
Then come Prince Torlonia’s guards.
Then come Prince Torlonia’s guards’ dogs.
Then, nothing at all.
Then, nothing at all.
Then, nothing at all.
Then come the peasants. And that’s all.

~ Ignazio Silone, Fontamara (1931). (via @ndy)

Debates and arguments: David Cesarani, Marek Edelman and Michal Kaminski – click the link from Engage, then return to read the comment thread.

From the magazine rack: 1989 Timothy Garton Ash (NYRB); What Is to Be Learned? Thinking about 1989 Mitchell Cohen (Dissent); The Memory That Will Not Die: Exhuming the Spanish Civil War Julius Purcell (Boston Review); 100 Years of Servitude: Gabriel García Márquez’s Infatuation With Castro and Other Dictators Enrique Krauze (New Republic); Terry Teachout on the Congress for Cultural Freedom (Commentary).

Book reviews: John Gray on Robert Service’s Trotsky; Jonathan Yardley on Kati Marton’s Enemies of the People; DG Myers on two Lionel Trilling biographies; Colm Toibin on Sheila Rowbotham’s Edward Carpenter.

Some Irving Kristol obits I missed: Christopher Hitchens, David Brooks, Myron MagnetEric Alterman , Michael Lind, Justin Vaïsse, Kevin Mattson, Seth Lipsky, John Guardiano, Christopher DeMuth, Mary Eberstadt, Joseph Epstein, Danny Finkelstein.

Archival: Walter Lacquer on Why the Shah fell (1979).

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  1. On the subject of Walter Laqueur and Iran, he wrote an article for the December 8, 1979 issue of The New Republic entitled “Is Khomeini a Neoconservative?” (I am not joking!)

    You should update your link for the reviews on Trilling. I assume you mean the article by Myers in Commmentary (October 2009)but you seem to have not properly linked it on this post.

    I should say that since I discovered it, I really enjoy reading your blog (and that is not just because you have praised some of my own articles).

    I am not sure of all your interests but you may find this article on Ayn Rand interesting. Having said that, I cannot think of Ayn Rand without recalling the words of Whittaker Chambers from 1957:

    From almost any page of Atlas Shrugged, a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: “To a gas chamber — go!”

  2. Thanks Mike. Have changed the link.

    Ayn Rand is a minor hate fgure of mine. I’ll go read about her now!

  3. A pleasure. For an attack on the Randians, see Murray Rothbard.

  4. One more Irving Kristol obituary: Norman Podhoretz in Commentary. (I am a subscriber to the magazine and I am not sure that article is freely available to non-subscribers).

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