From The Archive of Struggle no.42

Just a short one.


Maurice Brinton: The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control

Pierre Broue: The German Revolution 1917-1923

Colin A. Palmer: Eric Williams & the Making of the Modern Caribbean

Anton Pannekoek : Lenin as Philosopher: A Critical Examination of the Philosophical Basis of Leninism

Anton Pannekoek and John Holloway: Pannekoek on Organisation (Introduced by John Holloway)

Ernest Mandel: An Introducion to Marxist Economic Theory//Late Capitalism

Marcel van der Linden: Western Marxism and the Soviet Union (Historical Materialism Book Series)//Workers of the World// Workers of the World: Essays toward a Global Labor History

See also another index at AGT.


World Labor News:

*G. P. Maximoff: Constructive Anarchism – The Debate on the Platform (1930)

Peace Pledge Union:

*Albert Camus: Neither Victim Nor Executioner (politics, 1947)

Anarchist Library:

*Voline: (The) Unknown Revolution, 1917-1921. (1947)

**Book One. Birth, Growth and Triumph of the Revolution
**Book Two. Bolshevism and Anarchism
**Book Three. Struggle for the Real Social Revolution

*Pjotr Arshinov: The Two Octobers (1927)

Below the fold, more via Ent.:

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Louis Bouët: Naissance de la C.G.T.U. (1935)
* La Révolution prolétarienne: L’expérience Berliet et son sabotage par les politiciens (1948)
* Aimé Patri (André Ariat): Le régime soviétique est-il socialiste? (1946)
* Anton Pannekoek: The German Revolution (1918)
* Maximilien Rubel: La leyenda de Marx o “Engels el fundador” (1972)
* Adam Buick: Edgar Hardcastle (1995)
* Karl Marx: La dette publique (1867)
* Socialisme Mondial: James Milne (1974)


* Wilhelm Liebknecht: Marx on the piss; a London pub crawl with Karl Marx in the late 1850s (1896)
* Lotta Continua (LC): Cultural Revolution (1970)
* Paul Romano/Ria Stone: The American worker (1947, Einleitung von Martin Glaberman)
* Organising at Fiat, 1969 (1969)
* History Committee of the General Strike Committee: The Seattle General Strike of 1919 (1919, mit einer Einleitung von 1972)
* Gilles Dauvé: Notes on Trotsky, Pannekoek, Bordiga (1973)
* The perplexities of the Middle Eastern conflict (2005)
Wildcat: Crisis of war and limits of capitalism (2003)
* Karl Marx: On alienated labour (1844)
* La Brise-Glace: The implosion point of democratist ideology (1989)
* Lars Lih: The Mystery of ABC of Communism (of Bukharin and Preobrazensky) (1997)
* Radical America: Wildcat! The wartime strike wave in the auto industry (1975)
* Andre Hoyles: General Strike: France 1968 – A factory by factory account (1969)
* Paul Trewhela: Mbeki, Thabo (2000)
* Ernest Dowson: The Italian Background (?)
* Peter Herman: In the Heart of the Heart of the Country: The Strike at Lordstown (?)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Workers’ Liberty 29, März 1996

The Militant:

* Leo Trotzki: Lessons from the 1925-27 revolution in China (1926)
* 25, 50 and 75 years ago

* William Krehm: Spain: revolution and counter-revolution (~ 1937)
* The crisis in the Communist Party of the United States of America: statement of principles of the Communist Party (Majority Group) (1930, Gründungsdokument der amerikanischen KPO um J. Lovestone)

Fundación Andreu Nin:

* Juan Manuel Vera: Un diálogo con Ignacio Iglesias (2005)

The Commune:

* Cornelius Castoriadi (Paul Cardan): On the content of socialism (?)

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