Mostly still catching up on stuff that is now so last decade…

*Clayola Brown of the A. Philip Randolph Institute (which was started by Bayard Rustin) has her name abused by Labor for Palestine.

*Champagne Charlie on the “leftists” who support theocratic brutality.

These idiots really don’t understand what “critical but unconditional support”  (a bad formulation) was supposed to mean, or the role of DN Pritt and Captain Ramsay (the forerunners of [George] Galloway) in the run-up to WW2. These supposedly “left” groups really are contemptible, pro-fascist scum.

*On the abuses of George Orwell, continued. This time it’s the BNP and pubs.

*Politics, fascism, anti-fascism, and sport. Including this on Eric Cantona:

“If Cantona espouses any political theory, it is anarchism. Conventional politics, he says, leaves him cold. Another hero is the anarchist singer Léo Ferré, whose songs taught him “the taste of rebellion”. “There’s a fine line between freedom and chaos. To some extent I espouse the idea of anarchy. What I am really after is an anarchy of thought, a liberation of the mind from all convention.” ~ Eric: Le Roi., Andy Mitten, Relentless, April 16, 2009.

*100 years of the CNT: a new series from Molly.

*The international campaign against anarchist terrorism 1880-1930. (See also: Tales of Ordinary Fatuousness.)

*The big strike of 1956.

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