New blogs: self-governing socialism and radical archives

What looks like it will be a great blog, Self-Governing Socialism, here. Read about the Catalan collectives here, and the CNT here. The blogger is also a bit of a Poumista.

On new blogs and stuff, see also Slack Bastard Bloggy Tuesday. Among its links, just recently added to my blogroll too, is radicalarchives, a blog cataloging enticing tidbits of radical thought. So far, extracts from the following:

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  1. Ernst Jünger radical? … he was a far-right bastard!

  2. thank you for the plug Poumitsa, that was very sweet! (and all from comment on Bob’s blog). No, Junger’s not a “radical” (in our sense) – but discussions about Junger and Heidegger’s ideas are part of the intellectual tradition of 20th century radicalism. one of the things i hope to highlight on the page is both left-right crossover and the role of lebensphilosophie and the conservative revolutionaries vis-a-vis “left” radicals.

  3. From the Junger extract, I mainly got that Junger was deeply conceited! Essentially, he gives Heidegger the same excuse that Arendt does: not worldly enough (and too homely), which seems lame to me. But am looking forward to more on left-right convergence.

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