Bella ciao, Iran: a song of freedom.

“Revolutionary syndicalism serves the proletariat, whereas anarchism is one brand of humanism”: Juan García Oliver interviewed.

The Politics of Saint-Making: Jacopedia on the Catholic Church and the Spanish civil war.

The Neoconservative Père et Fils: Michael Signer on Bill Kristol Sr and Jr.

Baudelaire, Benjamin, Gramsci: Blackdaffodil on three dead men.

Dirty rotten commies: the Slackster continues his tour of the “Marxist-Leninist” swamp.

The Death of Anna LoPizzo: the subversive historian on America’s hidden labour histories.

Debunking Ramparts: Ron Radosh on 60s New Left neo-Stalinism.

Flame On The Snow: Victor Serge on the Russian revolution.

Zinn’s legacy: David Adler on a leftist icon.

Endless blues: Stanley Crouch on Ralph Ellison.

Not a hero: Red Maria on Stepan Bandera.

Strange days indeed: Andrew Coates reviews Francis Wheen.

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  1. Thanks for all these links. It’s a pleasure reading.

  2. “Red Maria on Stepan Bandera.”

    Who gives a fuck wot a Falangist catholic thinks about anything — worra wierdo cultish webshite this place is.

    Fuck me. You need to gerra fuckkinG grip.

  3. Thanks Lettrist.

    Will, it is good to have you visiting, and I sorely miss General Theory. But you know as well as I do that not all Catholics are Falangists, just as not all Muslims are Islamist clerical-fascists.

  4. On the subject of Ramparts, I am the proud owner of copy of April 1966 issue. Sadly, I paid an awful lot more than the 75c cover price to obtain ownership. In any event this issue contains a very long article by Donovan Bess entitled “LSD: The Acid Test.” The fact that at the end of the article the editors have included a whole bunch of interesting artist drawings of what is experienced under a LSD trip gives a good clue as to the bias of the article. I can imagine many readers of that article were inclined to experiment with LSD as a result of what they read.

  5. […] in Greece, with lovely music. Chris Ford responds to Red Maria on Stepan Bandera (which I linked to here, to Will’s consternation). Graeme writes on an overlapping topic here. Published […]

  6. […] provides a nice roundup of some interesting […]

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