Michael Foot again

https://i2.wp.com/www.toimg.net/managed/images/10034073/w200/image.jpgI assembled my post for Michael Foot rather hastily yesterday. Here is another attempt. Yesterday, the thought I had was that Foot is remembered today for his 1980s leadership of the Labour Party and the incident of the donkey jacket [sic] at the Cenotaph, and for walking a dog on Hampstead Heath. I wanted to remind people that he was also an important figure in the earlier, complex and contradictory, history of democratic socialism in Britain, with his involvement in the final period of the Independent Labour Party as it tried to stear a course between left social democratic Stalinist fellow travelling and independent, anti-totalitarian democratic socialism – and, later, as that current entered the official Labour Party, Cold War Atlanticist anti-Communist social democracy.

Here are some more recent tributes:

Rosie Bell, on a scholar and a gentleman
Harry Barnes, a personal recolletion of a great parliamentarian
Brian Brivati, on bursting into tears
This Fragile Tent, with a touching obituary and video of stirring oratory
Paul Mason, on three great Foot moments
Dipankar De Sarkar, on Foot and India
In Place of Fear, with an impassioned righting of wrongs
The Stilettoed Socialist, with a Bevanite account
Kevin Maguire, recalling his support for the task force in the Falklands
Jim Jepps, on the Falklands, socialism and the myth of Foot’s disasterousness
Andy Newman, commemorating one of his more pro-Stalinist moments, the Keep Left manifesto
A Very Public Sociologist, a lesson on the limits of establishment radicalism

And here are some older reading materials:

David Marquand “The Man with two Lives”
Socialist Worker “Michael Foot and the Left”

Added: Socialist Standard “Left Foot Right Foot” [h/t Darren]

Added Saturday:
John Nichols on Foot’s defense of a free press in wartime”
Prospect with a 1942 video of his fine oratory proving it
Quentin Hoare on Foot’s defence of Bosnia.
The Times of India on Foot’s friendship with the subcontinent.
Oliver Kamm on Foot’s legacy.

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  1. It can also be noted that from November 1981, Michael Foot took the lead in ensuring action was taken against members of Militant.

    This can be seen on pages 171-3 of Michael Crick’s book Militant (Faber and Faber Limited, 1984).

  2. An article on the political life of Michael Foot that first appeared in the January 1990 issue of the Socialist Standard:


  3. Thanks both. Will add the SS link to the post.

    However, in what sense was the Berlin airlift “anti-working class” Darren?

  4. Ezra as usual is a cunt.

    He talks as if action against Militant is a plus on Foot’s side.

    It isn’t nor wasn’t.

    All power to the soviets.

  5. […] Verfasst von entdinglichung am 8. März 2010 ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter “Sozialistika” und im Download-Archiv, das IISG erinnert an die Kropotkin-Übersetzung 1928 von Pa Chin, weitere Hinweise zu Michael FootPoumista hier und hier: […]

  6. […] Falklands/Malvinas: My Michael Foot post the other day (he was a defender of the Falklands war) reminded me of a recenitish interesting post and […]

  7. […] To add to my Michael Wood notes, Histomatist, and through him Tristram Hunt. This Foot quote is great: ‘In my opinion, […]

  8. […] of Tribune, I missed la Brigada’s mini-series on the late Michael Foot: End Of An Era, Footnote, Public […]

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