From the archive of struggle no.45

In my last post in this series, I did not include anything from the Marxist Internet Archive, which has had a huge amount of interesting material added to it since I last looked. You’ll find a selection below the fold, but first some other archival links.

Via Espace contre ciment, I have found a few sites I don’t think I’ve seen before, which I have or am adding to the blogroll.

Barataria: Situationism in French from Belgium. Recently added: some picture of the Mexican revolution: Exécution d’un officier fédéral; Barricade; Armes saisies aux troupes fédérales; American Insurrectos.

Patlotch! Free texts, regularly added to, mostly French.

Les Gimenologues: On some partisans of the Spanish war, mainly in French. Recent books include:

JPEG - 56.3 ko JPEG - 31.6 ko

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger,There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats: Extraordinary blog, trawling through the visual detritus of American modernity. Here are some fragments:

They Were Collaborators #634

Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin

Seminal Image #994

La Mort en ce jardin
(Death in the Garden)
(Luis Buñuel; 1956)

This Sporting Life #16

Jesse Owens lands the Gold Medal in the long jump at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Ofenschlot: A German language blog which excavates the web for texts which help to explode capitalism. For English-speaking readers, this post links through to a pdf of a 1980 Marxism Today review of the important but neglected marxist economic theorist Bob Rowthorn.

From the Marxist Internet Archive:


Added to the Catalan Language Section of the MIA has added Catalonia’s most famous revolutionary communist’s, Andreu Nin, 1930 essay: Les dictadures dels nostres dies (The Dictatorships of Our Days)

Ur-Marxism and classical social democracy

Added to the Archive of the History of the First International: The International: A Sketch written to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Foundation of the International Working Men’s Association, by G. Jaeck (1905).

Added to the New K. Boris Archive: The Jewish Proletariat in Russia – Ten Years of the Bund, October 1907; The Electoral Manifesto of the Jewish “Bund” , October 1907; 4,000 Stocking Workers in Wilno and Witebsk (Russia) on Strike, May 1908; May Day in Russia. Manifesto of the “Bund.”, May 1908. [If anyone can tell me who K Boris was, I would be extremely grateful. These articles appeared in Justice, the periodical of the Social Democratic Federation, Henry Hyndman’s ortho-Marxist party, which had a strong presence in the Jewish East End of London, with Yiddish-speaking branches as well as English-speaking ones. There was a branch of the Bund affiliated to it. I cannot tell if these texts are from a British-based Bundist or translated from a continental social democratic paper. Closely related:] the Justice Archive: War Between England and Germany, Zelda Kahan Justice October, 1908; The Manifesto of the German Independent Social Democratic Party Against Imperialism, Justice July 1918. [Zelda Kahan was one of the Yiddish-speaking East End members of the SDF, who were among the key figures in the “internationalist” tendency in the party, which rejected Hyndman’s bigoted Little England nationalism. The internationalist took over the party (renamed the British Socialist Party) during WWI, ousting Hyndman, who formed the National Socialist Party. The internationalist, including Kahan, were in close contact with European anti-war socialists from the Zimmerwald movement, including, as the following text demonstrates, the USPD. I’m not sure who wrote this manifesto, but it dates from May 1918, when Rosa Luxemburg’s SpartakusBund was still in the USPD. Kahan later became an uber-Stalinist.]


Added to the Anatoly Lunacharsky Archive: Self-Education of the Workers. The Cultural Task of the Struggling Proletariat [This English text was a 1919 pamphlet published by Silvia Pankhurst’s Workers Socialist Federation in East London. The WSF, along with groups like the Plebs League, was at the heart of the British working class self-education movement that gained enormous impetus from the October Revolution and the Bolshevik experiment. On this see also:] Added to the Sylvia Pankhurst Archive: Education of the Masses [WSF Dreadnought Pamphlet No. 1, 1918.]

Left communism

Added to the Cajo Brendel Internet Archive: Council Communism & The Critique of Bolshevism, 1999. [Brendel, who died in 2007 aged 91, was a Dutch council communist who so far is quite under-represented at MIA. Libcom has more, and here is an obit by the rival councilists of the ICC.]

Added to the Anton Pannekoek Internet Archive: The Social Democratic Party School in Berlin 1907; Liberal and Imperialist Marxism 1915

Trotskyism (orthodox and heterodox)

Added to the Max Shachtman Internet Archive: For the Communist Ticket, 1924; Lovestone’s Appeal to the Party, 1929.

Cover International Socialism (1st series), No.36

Added to the Chris Harman Archive: Forgotten treasure – a new biography of Grossman (book review [of Rick Kuhn’s intellectual biography of Henryk Grossman]) (2007); Gramsci, the Prison Notebooks and philosophy (2001) (study of the importance of Gramsci); Returning to the Russian question (book review) (2008) (critical review of study on Marxist approaches to the “Russian question”). [This archive of the works of the SWP’s leading theoretician has grown enormously since his recent death. These are just some of the things more relevant to this website. Also from the same party and its antecedent the IS:] Added to the Michael Kidron Archive: Two Left Feet (1960) (review of the British New Left’s major theoretical collection ). Added to the Tony Cliff Archive: Russian Organization Man (1960) (book review – written as Max Turov); On the Line (1989) (book review – written as M. Turov). [More importantly, large quantities of International Socialist Journal from 1958 to 1968 are now on-line. Examples:] Changes in Stalinist Russia: 1 Changes in the Management of Industry, by Tony Cliff (1958); Rosa Luxemburg, by Tony Cliff (1969); The Revolutionary Party and the Class or Trotsky on Substitutionism, by Tony Cliff (1960); The Fight for Workers’ Control, by Peter Sedgwick (1960/1); Socialism and the Division of Labour, Some Notes on the Views of Paul Cardan, by Ken Coates (1961); The Relevance of American Socialism, by Julius Jacobson (1961); Yanqui No! Castro No! Cuba Si! by Sergio Junco, assisted by Nick Howard (1961); Memoriam: Natalia Sedova, by Theo Melville (1962); Stalin and History, by Alasdair MacIntyre (1962 [review of Isaac Deutscher]);

Daniel BensaidAdded to the new Daniel Bensaïd Archive: The Baggage of Exodus (2000) (the historical role and the current relevance of Trotskyism); The Mole and the Locomotive (2001) (on the continuing relevance of revolutionary transformation); Leninism in the 21st century (2001) (on the relevance of Leninism today); Stalinism and Bolshevism (2005) (reflections on Trotsky’s pamphlet of the same name); Thirty years after – A critical introduction to the Marxism of Ernest Mandel (2007). [Another recently deceased Trotskyist theorist. Again, this is just a small sample.]

Added to the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line is Art Preis’ 1947 Trotskyist polemic against the policies of the Communist Party, USA in the National Maritime Union: Stalinists on the Waterfront.

Added to the Ernest Mandel Archive: The Luck of a Crazy Youth (1966) (Interview with Tariq Ali about hsi experiences during World War II).

Beyond Heterodox Trotskyism/Marxism-Humanism

Added to the Raya Dunayevskaya Archive: New Developments in Stalin’s Russia, October 1946; The Beria Purge, 1953; German workers change face of Europe, 1953.


Edgar Hardcastle at the post office workers’ union Added to the new Pieter Lawrence Archive: What Socialism Means, July 1973. [Lawrence was a member of the SPGB, who died in 2007. Read his obit here.] Added to the new Edgar Hardcastle Archive: Austrian Workers’ Tragic Heroism, March 1934; Some Observations on Production and Productivity, September 1934; Debate with the British Union of Fascists, April/May 1935. [Hardcastle was another SPGBer, who died in 1995. His obit here.]

Libertarian socialism

In Spanish: the new Archivo Daniel Guérin, for the works of the controversial French Trotskyist turned anarchist, with: El anarquismo (1965); Rosa Luxemburg y la espontaneidad revolucionaria (1971); Homosexualidad y revolución (Extractos) (1983).

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  1. […] Verfasst von entdinglichung am 23. März 2010 ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter “Sozialistika” und im Download-Archiv, weitere Hinweise auf Poumista: […]

  2. First of all, I would like to thank you for your excellent blog.

    I would like to add just two things for your readers:

    The Gimenologues, like their name indicates with some humour, are specialists of Antoine Gimenez. A. Gimenez (whose real name was Bruno Salvadori, 1910-1982) was a young italian anarchist who, between 1936 and 1938, took active part in the international group of the Durruti Column. He wrote (in French) a fascinating auto-biography – that was published in France precisely by the Gimenologues* – which mixes amorous adventures, military actions and political observations. There are already translations into Spanish and Italian and I am certain that the auto-biography will be translated into English one day, just be patient.

    As to Ofenschlot, who represents the best side of the bordigist school, I would say that he is doing more than just discovering forgotten writings; in general, his political considerations are interesting and very subtle.

    Best regards.


    * PDF-version available from the publisher:

  3. Thank you! Makes me want to read German…

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