Two pieces of essential reading, I guess

Two items from my regular read blogs have caught my eye and have been printed out awaiting a more thorough read, as they relate to the core of what this blog is about:

Histomatist: On Marxism and Anarchism

Louis Proyect: History of the Marxist Internationals (part 4, the Centrists)

If you get there before me, and have something to say, leave a comment.

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  1. hi
    having just finished the Histomat article, my two cents would be that since both Marxism and anarchism of the “classic” varieties have been abject failures in terms of the production of communism, while quite successful in contributing to the worldwide development of capital, it might be time to reconsider their historic role and function.
    which is to say that neither were ever able to transcend the imposition of abstract labor and commodity production,and thus could only remain within the orbit of capital, regardless of philosophical disputes about the role of the state.

  2. Histomatists article rarely rises above the level of straw men and cliches. Sad, there ought to be an honest appraisal of anarchism and marxism. This won’t happen until people are willing to put aside their ideological pleading and try to look at things objectively as possible.

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