One of the better defences of Leon Trotsky from Robert Service that I’ve seen: by Hillel Ticktin in the Weekly Worker. There’s also an interview with Ticktin, one of Britain’s smartest Trotskyists, in the same issue, as a celebration of Critique‘s 50th issue.

Via Histomatist: A new website dedicated to the socialist novelist Edward Upward (1903-2009) has been launched by one of his grandsons here.

Our comrade Michael Ezra remember’s the glory days of Militant, and gives us a late Valentine’s day classic from the vaults of Tribune.

Talking of Tribune, I missed la Brigada’s mini-series on the late Michael FootEnd Of An EraFootnotePublic Speaking.

From International Perspectives, a left communist view of the “Bolivarian revolution” (posted for “nice“).

From the Christopher Hitchens archive: several videos of him talking about George Orwell, and articles on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and on his pal Francis Wheen’s biography of Das Kapital by Marx.

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  1. On the subject of Hitchens and Orwell, you may be interested in the following: Norman Podhoretz had an article in the January 1983 issue of Harper’s where he argued that if Orwell were alive at that time, he would have been a neoconservative. In the following issue, February 1983, there is a very interesting exchange on the subject between Hitchens and Orwell. In my opinion, this exchange is well worth reading.

  2. Oops, the exchange in February 1983 was between Hitchens and Podhoretz, not Hitchens and Orwell!

  3. Oops, the exchange in February 1983 was between Hitchens and Podhoretz, not Hitchens and Orwell!

    Pity, that would have been even more worth reading…

    I vageuly remember Hitchens talking about this in his Orwell book. Is there a digital copy available anywhere?

  4. Poumista,

    I have emailed you the relevant PDF files. I hope you enjoy them!

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