Refuting the stupid left’s charge sheet against Orwell

Post of the week:

If there is hope: George Orwell then and now, by Dave Osler

Here’s to Dave winning the Orwell Prize for Blogging. And here’s to Ray, my other preferred winner. Their longlisted entries below the fold. [Note: I notice that these links don’t work. I’m fixing some of them now, will try and do them all later.]

Bad Old Days
ray . – The bad old days will end
I never achieved much, pretty much sums it all up

Home of the Freedom Pass Anarchists and the wonderful world of professional wrestling, psychogeography, allotments and the class struggle.

On the day that I retired from my final job as a lockkeeper I left the following on the wall. …… I started work at fifteen years of age Worked on the river and at sea but I also worked in factories and fields. In the circus and in films. I never achieved much. But I never crossed a picket line. Never judged a fellow worker by their colour or creed Nor sucked up to the bosses for my own ends….. Pretty much sums it all up.

David Osler
David Osler – Dave’s Part

British journalist, and author. Likely to touch on politics, business, economics, and music from punk rock to hard drivin’ rhythm & blues.

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