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Independent Labour Party

La Brigada with timely blast from the past: Mr Asquith versus Labourism 1895.

New Left Review

I’m not sure if I already linked to Stefan Collini’s piece in The Guardian on NLR at 50, an exceptional piece of writing in the noughties Grauniad. A piece with a similar slant, by Nikal Saval, appeared in n+1 magazine. Here’s our occasional contributor Michael Ezra reminding us of a less glorious moment in the NLR‘s history.


Comrade Ezra again, from David Horowitz’s old redoubt, Ramparts.

Class War

And here’s Michael again, with extracts from Bash The Rich: True-Life Confessions of an Anarchist in the UK.

Socialist Workers Party

Mark Perryman in 1995 on Tony Cliff and his cult. (Yes, Michael again.)


On a great anti-communist cartoonist. (Not Michael.)

Below the fold: selected highlights from the Marxists Internet Archive and Entdinglichung’s Sozialistika:

Added to the Brian Pearce Archive:

Blacklegs and Boomerangs, 18 July 1959
Political ‘Find the Lady’, 25 July 1959
When Rank and File Won Shorter Hours, 15 August 1959
Including Us Out?, 22 August 1959
Battles Long Ago, 29 August 1959
September, 5 September 1959
He liked Lloyd George, 12 September 1959
Chuck It, 19 September 1959
The Litvinov Touch, 26 September 1959
George Padmore, 10 October 1959
There He Goes Again, 31 October 1959
Who Are the Tories?, 3 October 1959
Hiroshima Re-visited, 3 October 1959
‘The Prophet Unarmed: Trotsky 1921-1929’, 10 October 1959
How to Fight Rent Increases, 17 October 1959
Not by Politics Alone, 24 October 1959
A Timely Book, 7 November 1959
Some Lessons from History: The Left Review, 1934-1938, 7 November 1959
Never Again?, 14 November 1959
A Revealing Burp!, 28 November 1959
A Warning from the Past, 5 December 1959
Labour Youth, 12 December 1959
Victor Grayson, 19 December 1959

Added to the Raya Dunayevskaya Archive:

The Case of Eugene Varga, May 1949

Added to the Chris Harman Archive:

Czech ‘reformers’ capitulate as resistance rises (1969)
Polish strikes hit shipping and transport (1971)
Allende walks the tightrope (1971)

Added to the Michael Kidron Archive:

Inflation (1961) (book review)
Reform and Revolution: Rejoinder to Left Reformism II (1961)
Tunnel or Bridge (1962) (book review)
Inside Britain (1962) (book review)

Added to the Tony Cliff Archive:

Bureaucracy (1961) (book review)
The Divide (1961) (book review – written as M. Turov)
Soviet Studies (1961) (book review)
Bureaucracy (1961) (book review)
The Decline of the Chinese Communes (1962)

Added to the Swedish Socialism Subject Archive:

Socialism or Barbarism, May 1961
Joint manifesto written at an international “conference of revolutionary socialists” held in Paris. Later published in Solidarity, XI, May 1968.

Espace contre ciment:

* Erich Mühsam: Gustav Landauer (1920)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Paul Mattick: Mattick über die Logik des keynesianischen “Staatsinterventionismus” (1971, Auszug aus Marx und Keynes. Die Grenzen des “gemischten Wirtschaftssystems”)

The Militant:

* Larry Seigle: Why gov’t framed up SWP, union fighters in 1941 (1987)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Aimé Patri: Humanisme et inhumanisme chez Marx (1939)
* Paul Mattick: Marx et Keynes (1955)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Le marxisme face à l’Église et à l’État (1949)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Lettre à Henriette Roland-Holst (1905)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Que Guesde nous aide donc ! (1901)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Lettre à la rédaction du Social-démocrate de Copenhague(1913)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Discours au Congrès du Stuttgart (1898)
* Friedrich Engels: Le malthusianisme : une déclaration de guerre ouverte au prolétariat (1845, Auszug aus La situation de la classe laborieuse en Angleterre)
* Jules Guesde: Questions d’hier et d’aujourd’hui (1911)
* Socialist Party of Great Britain: Russia since 1917 (1948)
* Amigos de Durruti: Una teoría revolucionaria (1937, pdf-Datei)
* Joan Peiró Belis: El misterioso proceso del POUM (1938, pdf-Datei)
* Chazé: Deux brochures de Pouvoir ouvrier (1967, pdf-Datei)
* Chazé: La bureaucratie céleste de Balazs (1971, pdf-Datei)
* Nbang-Ba Suhuyini: Sharia in Nigeria: a class analysis (2002, pdf-Datei)
* Nbang-Ba Suhuyini: Globalization & Debt in Ghana (2003, pdf-Datei)

The Spark: theoretical organ of Marxist Workers League. Vol. I, 3 (1938)
* Hal Draper: The truth about Gerald Smith : America’s no. 1 fascist (1945)
* Alexander Kahn: Report of the Jewish Alliance: Delivered to the National Convention of the Socialist Party, New York — May 19-22, 1923 (1923)
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist Party on Poland (192?)
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist World, Juni 1923
* Shirley Waller: History of the international marxist youth movement pt. 1. From its origin to 1919 (~ 1959)
* Irwing Howe: Smash the profiteers (1946)

* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist World, August 1924
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist World, Juli 1924

The Militant:

* Farrell Dobbs: Rising U.S. labor militancy during and after WWI (1983, Auszug aus Revolutionary Continuity: Birth of the Communist Movement, 1918-1922)
25, 50 and 75 years ago (1935/1960/1985)

Espace contre ciment:

* Max Nettlau: Gustav Landauer. Sein Lebenswerk in Briefen (1929)
* Ernst H. Posse: Georges Sorel (192?)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Henri Paetcher: Espagne 1936-1937: la guerre dévore la révolution (1938)
* Paul Lafargue: Causes de l’irréligion du prolétariat (1909)
Lettre d’une ouvrière russe (1926)
* Lawrence: Dimensions of Alienation (1938)
* Maximilien Rubel: Engels, éditeur du Capital (1968)
* Bruno Théret/Michel Wieviorka: Sur les impôts (1978, Auszug aus Critique de la théorie du ‘Capitalisme Monopoliste d’Etat’)
* Karl Marx: Les dettes publiques dans la genèse du capitaliste industriel (1867, Auszug aus dem Kapital)


* Edward P. Thompson: The moral economy of the English crowd in the eighteenth century (1971)
* Barbara Engel: Subsistence Riots in Russia during World War I (1997)
* Temma Kaplan: Female Consciousness and Collective Action in Barcelona(1982)
* N.P. Howard: The Social and Political Consequences of the Allied Food Blockade of Germany, 1918-19 (1993)
* Claudio.J.Katz: Karl Marx on the transition from feudalism to capitalism (1993)
Crap Comrades; Mark Thomas has had enough of the SWP (2003)
* Cormack: Another look at the organisation question (1982)


The unknown Ukraine 1917-1921von Chris Ford auf The Commune, das IISG erinnert an den Streik Amsterdamer Hafenarbeiter gegen die antisemitische Politik der deutschen Besatzungsmacht am 25./26. Februar 1941 und an das 1952 aufgestellte Denkmal von Mari Andriessen, im aktuellen Weekly Worker findet sich aus Anlass des Erscheinens der 50.

ICL-FI (Spadtakist):

* Rosa Luxemburg: On 1902 Martinique Volcano (1902)

Espace contre ciment:

* Emile Armand: Unsere Forderungen als individualistische Anarchisten (1945)
Yves Le Manach produit ses artichauts à Bruxelles (?)
* Slavoj Zizek: « Tu peux ! ». Sur le surmoi postmoderne (2004)

* International Communist Opposition: Where we stand. Vol. 1 Platform and programmatic documents of the International Communist Opposition (1934)
* Socialist Labour Party of Great Britain (SLP): Marxism versus Stalinism (1950)
* Socialist Labour Party of Great Britain (SLP): Socialism and The State (1942)
* Frank Budgen: Craft unionism versus industrial unionism (1922)
* Arnold Petersen: The old order and the new (1941)
* Arnold Petersen: War…why? (1936)
* Arnold Petersen: Socialism and human nature (1942)
Weekly PeopleHaywood and anarcho-syndicalism in the America labor movement (1969?)
* The People: Socialism in the US – From Utopia to science (1990)
* Robert Bills: Class Struggle in the Old West: A Review of J. Anthony Lukas’ “€˜Big Trouble”€™ (1998)
* Socialist Labor Party: Preceding the ST&LA (1910)
* Socialist Labor Party: Intervention & Union Work An SLP Handbook (198?)
* Socialist Labor Party: The “New Union Party”: A documentary review of its origins (1978)
* Socialist Labor Party: The Energy Crisis (1977)
* Socialist Labor Party: The Socialist Program (graphic) (?)
* Socialist Labor Party: Thirty- Nineth National Convention Socialist Labor Party April 29 – May 3, 1989 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (1989)
* Socialist Labor Party: Fortieth National Convention Socialist Labor Party April 28 – 30, 1991 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (1991)
* Socialist Labor Party: Forty-First National Convention Socialist Labor Party May 1 – 4, 1993 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (1993)
* Socialist Labor Party: Forty-Second National Convention Socialist Labor Party July 15 -€“ 18, 1995 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (1995)
* Socialist Labor Party: Forty-Third National Convention Socialist Labor Party May 2 – 5, 1997 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (1997)
* Socialist Labor Party: Forty-Fourth National Convention Socialist Labor Party April 9 – 12, 1999 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (1999)
* Socialist Labor Party: Forty-Fifth National Convention Socialist Labor Party June 1 – 4, 2001 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (2001)
* Socialist Labor Party: Forty-Sixth National Convention Socialist Labor Party July 9 – 11, 2005 Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, Etc. (2005)


* Franz Jakubowski: Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism(1936, pdf-Datei)

Projet de scannerisation de la revue Socialisme ou Barbarie:

* Socialisme ou Barbarie, Nr. 5-6, März-April 1950 (pdf-Dateien)
** Paul Chaulieu/Georges Dupont: La bureaucratie yougoslave 5-6:1-76 1-1516-31,32-4748-6364-76
** Ph. Guillaume: La guerre et notre époque (suite) 5-6:77-123 77-9394-109110-123
** Paul Romano: L’ouvrier américain (fin) 5-6:124-135
** La vie de notre Groupe. Bilan d’une année 5-6:136-147
** La situation internationale: Les luttes revendicatives en France 5-6:148-149
** Raymond Bourt: Renault lance à nouveau le mouvement de grève 5-6:150-154
** Roger Bertin: La grève chez S.O.M.U.A. 5-6:154-158
** Table des matières du volume I 5-6:159
** Annonce: Calendrier des réunions 5-6:[160]
** Sommaire
** A paraitre aux prochains numéros

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Maurice Dommanget: Les femmes pendant la Commune (1) (~1937, Auszug ausHommes et choses de la Commune)
* Maurice Dommanget: Les femmes pendant la Commune (2) (~1937, Auszug ausHommes et choses de la Commune)
Contre le néo-malthusianisme (1913)

Links – International Journal of Socialist Renewal:

* Alexandra Kollontai: International Women’s Day – a militant celebration (1920)


* Rudolf Rocker: Von der Agitation (1920)

Espace contre ciment:

* Paul Mattick: Weltwirtschaftskrise und Arbeiterbewegung (1975)
* Stefan Otto: Johannes Holzmann (Senna Hoy, 1882-1914). Ein «wilder Hund»(2007)
* Bruno Astarian: A propos de l’antitravail (2006)
Critique de l’autogestion… (2003)

* Ettor-Giovannitti Defense Committee: Speech of William D. Haywood on the Case of Ettor and Giovannitti, May 21, 1912
* United Workers Party of America (UWPA): Bolshevism or communism : on the question of a new communist party and the “Fourth” International (1934)
* Luciano Valencio Silva: Viva La Raza! : a Communist view on Chicano liberation(1970)
* Oakley C. Johnson/Carl Reeve: Writings by and about Daniel De Leon: A bibliography (1966)
* Joseph Brandon: Workers Party vs. Socialist Labor Party (1925)
* University of Chicago Socialist Club/Student League for Industrial Democracy (SLID):Soapbox, Nr. 1, Mai 1935
* Union for Democratic Socialism: Creeping socialism? (195?)
* Michail Bakunin: Oeuvres, Tome II (1868-1872)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Sean Matgamna (Paddy Avakuum): Should Socialists Celebrate “Sixteen Eighty-Eight”? (1987)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Pierre Lanneret: Les communistes révolutionnaires allemands et français (R.K.D. et C.R.) (1995, Auszug aus Les internationalistes du troisième camp en France pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale)
* Jean Rabaut: Le groupe trotskyste dissident « la Gauche communiste » (1931-1933) (1974, Auszug aus Tout est possible)
* Grandizo Munis: Crise et conscience révolutionnaire (1975, Auszug aus Parti-État Stalinisme révolution)
* United Workers Party of America (UWPA): Bolshevism or communism (1934)
* Marcel van der Linden: Sur le communisme de conseils (2004)
Socialisme MondialUn monde sans armes ? (1981)

Che’s Warlog:

* Joe Hill: The Preacher and the Slave (1911, Auszug)

Espace contre ciment:

* Erich Mühsam: Le révolutionnaire (1907)
* Karl Korsch : Marxismus und Philosophie/Marxisme et Philosophie (1923, Auszug)
* Paul Mattick: Paul Mattick – Marinus van der Lubbe. Proletarier oder Provokateur? (1934)
* Karl Marx: Fragebogen für Arbeiter (1880)
* Karl Marx: La sociabilité communiste (1884)
* C. Charrier: La reproduction de la force de travail en question (2003)
* Cornelius Castoriadis (Pierre Chaulieu)/Anton Pannekoek : Korrespondenz(1953/1954)
* Arnold Roller [Siegfried Nacht]/Max Nacht: Rebellen-Lieder (1906)
* Arnold Roller [Siegfried Nacht] & Max Nacht: Les Chants du Révolté (1906)
* Amadeo Bordiga: A propos de la polémique « Socialisme et culture »(1912/1964)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Le problème de la culture (1913/1964)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Karl Radek: Lenin: the practical theoretician (1923)
* Andrew Hornung and John O’Mahony: Lenin and the Russian Revolution(1974/1982)

Collectif Smolny:

* BILAN: La Grèce, champ de manoeuvre des antagonismes inter-impérialistes(1935)
* BILAN: Pour le 65e Anniversaire de la Commune de Paris (1936)
* Roy Howard : Interview with J. Stalin (1936, aus dem Vorwort der GenossInnen von Collectif Smolny: “This text is definitively not a major piece of theory ! Just a reminder of how deep had been the counter-revolution. It contains the famous extract used by Lev Trotsky in The Revolution Betrayed where Stalin characterizes the extension of the international revolution as a tragicomic misunderstanding. In a sense, this text acts as a criticism of stalinism from its heart itself.”)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Boris Souvarine: Après six mois de bolchevisation (1925)
* Jules Guesde: La République et les grèves (1878)
* Rudolf Hilferding: L’Inspection du Travail en Autriche (1899)

* American Labor Party (ALP): Socialism – the basis for happiness (1934)
* Socialist Workers Party (SWP): New Jersey in the 1940 Elections(1940)
* Leninist League: Whither Shachtman (1940)
* Union for Democratic Socialism: “Creeping socialism” vs. limping capitalism(1954)
* Socialist Labor Party: Twenty-Sixth National Convention Socialist Labor Party May 2-4, 1964. Minutes, reports, platform, etc. (1966)
* Socialist Labor Party: Twenty Fifth National Convention Socialist Labor Party May 7-9, 1960 Minutes, Reports, Platform, Resolutions etc (1960)
* Marvin Wachman: History of the Social-democratic party of Milwaukee, 1897-1910 (1954)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Rudolf Rocker: Nationalism and Culture (1937, Auszug)
* E. Armand: “Qui fait respecter les contrats ‘en anarchie”? (1931)

Espace contre ciment:

Karl Marx – Ein Verbrecher produziert Verbrechen (1861-1863)

* Young People’s Socialist League: This is Socialism! (1950)
* Leninist League: The Trotsky school of falsification Vol. 1 (1942)
* Leninist League: The Trotsky school of falsification Vol. 2 (1943)
* United Workers Party of America: What next for the American workers? (1934)
* Socialist Party of Washington: Socialist Party of Washington State Constitution(1903)
* Emil Herman: Communist Party Pays Farmer-Labor Convention Expenses(1923)
* Emil Herman: Where I Stand (1922)
* Emil Herman: Imprisoned Member Protests NEC Action (1919)
* Jay Lovestone: Marxian classics in the light of current history (1934)
* Socialist Labour Party: Twenty-Seventh National Convention Socialist Labor Party Minutes, Reports, Resolutions, etc. (1969)

Workers’ Liberty:

* James P. Cannon: Trade Unionists and Revolutionists (1953)
* Sean Matgamna: Why we publish the Workers Republic (1967)
* John O’Mahony: Open letter to Gerry Adams after the Enniskillen bombing, November 1987 (1987)
* John O’Mahony: The roots of the deadlock in Northern Ireland: Blame the British ruling class! (1993)


Cuba: interview with Octavio Alberola (2004)
Processed World #19 (1987)

La Bataille Socialiste:

L’HumanitéLa communauté des Jault (1) (1924)
* Maurice Dommanget: Sylvain Maréchal et Marx (1950, Auszug aus Sylvain Maréchal l’égalitaire)
* Aristide Bruant: Les Canuts (1894)
Socialisme MondialLe PSU au gouvernement (1983)

Kommunistische Literatur

* C.L.R. James: Die schwarzen Jakobiner – 1 (1938, pdf-Datei)
* C.L.R. James: Die schwarzen Jakobiner – 2 (1938, pdf-Datei)
* C.L.R. James: Die schwarzen Jakobiner – 3 (1938, pdf-Datei)
* C.L.R. James: Die schwarzen Jakobiner – 4 (1938, pdf-Datei)
* C.L.R. James: Die schwarzen Jakobiner – 5 (1938, pdf-Datei)
* Mario Tronti: Arbeiter und Kapital (1966/1971, pdf-Datei)

Freedom Socialist Party (FSP):

* Murry Weiss: The revolutionary legacy of Sacco and Vanzetti (1982)

Rustbelt Radical:

* James Connolly: The Irish Flag (1916)


* Mike Ely: The Tulsa Massacre 1921: Mass Murder of a Black Community (2000

* Revolutionary Workers League of the U.S. (RWL): Constitution of the Revolutionary Workers League, U.S., and its position on democratic centralism (1938)
* Jay Lovestone: Marxian classics in the light of current history (1934)
* Hermon F. Titus: An Object Lesson in Referendums (1905)
* Thomas J. Morgan: Walter Thomas Mills -€” His Record (1907)
* Harry Waton: The crisis in the revolutionary movement (1940)
* Harry Waton: Marxism reconsidered. Should we go beyond Marx? (1940)
* Harry Waton: After Trotsky what next? : an address delivered Oct. 13, 1940, at the Labor Temple, New York (1940)

Collectif Smolny:

* Maximilien Rubel: Féminisme et Androcratie (1976)
* Paul Mattick: Introduction to the « International Council Correspondence »(1969)
Index et sommaires de la revue « International Council Correspondence » (1934-1937)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Gustav Landauer: Der Todesprediger – Vorwort (1909)
* 150 Jahre James Ensor (Bilder des anarchistischen Künstlers)

Revolutionär Sozialistische Organisation (RSO):

* Sadik Premte: Stalinismus und Kommunismus in Albanien (1949, ein Artikel aus der Fourth International erstmals ins deutsche übersetzt mit einem Vorwort von Manfred Scharinger)

Collectif Smolny:

* Index et sommaires de la revue « Living Marxism » (1938-1941)
* Paul Mattick: The Masses and The Vanguard (1938)
* BILAN: Sous le signe du 14 juillet (1935)


* Katerina Gogou, Athens’ anarchist poetess (1940-1993)
* Serge Bricianer: Pannekoek and Workers’ Councils (1978, pdf-Datei, 15 mb)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Martin Thomas: Winning the battle of ideas: methods of contact work in Lutte Ouvriere (1977)
* Jim Connell: Workers of Ireland! (?)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Manchester Connolly Association- 1965 Poster for Easter Commemoration Meeting and Parade

Espace contre ciment:

* Karl Korsch: La guerre et la révolution (1941/2001)
* Gustav Landauer: Aufruf zum Sozialismus – Auszüge (1911)
* Gustav Landauer: Aufruf zum Sozialismus – Vorwort (1919)
* Gustav Landauer: Aufruf zum Sozialismus – Vorwort (1911)
* Helmut Rüdiger: Ein deutscher freiheitlicher Sozialist: Gustav Landauer (1951)
* Guy Debord: Die Raumordnung [L’aménagement du territoire] (1967)
* Theodor Sander: Widerstand und Opposition von Jugendlichen gegen Berufserziehung in der früheren DDR in den 80er Jahren (1998)
* Giacomo Marramao: Théorie des crises et le problème de la constitution (1975)
* Maxime Leroy: Merrheim et Griffuelhes (1937)
* Maxime Leroy: La Coutume ouvrière (1913)
* Louis Mercier: Esquisse du monde anarchiste d’hier (1974)

* The International Socialist Review, Volume 03, Juli 1902-Juni 1903
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 04, Juli 1903-Juni 1904
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 05, Juli 1904-Juni 1905
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 08, Juli 1907-Juni 1908
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 10, Juli 1909-Juni 1910
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 15, Juli 1914-Juni 1915
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 16, Juli 1915-Juni 1916
* The International Socialist Review, Volume 17, Juli 1916-Juni 1917
* John Downie: Calm Review of the Seattle Situation (1907)
* James Oneal: Sabotage, or, Socialism versus Syndicalism (1913)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* La première réunion du P.S.O.P. (1938)
* News and Letters: Mansoor Hekmat, marxiste iranien (2002)

Added to the International Socialism Archive (1958-1968):

Julius Jacobson: The Relevance of American Socialism, (1961)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Rejoinder to Left Reformism (1961)
Ken Coates: Caribbean Pilgrim (1961)
Ken Coates: The Unions (1961) (book review)
Raymond Challinor: Marxism (1961) (book review)
Nigel Harris: What Does Welfare Mean? (1961) (book review)
Labour’s Suicide Bid (1961) (note of the quarter)
Britain and Europe (1961) (note of the quarter)
Letter to Readers (1961) (editorial)
Henry Collins: The Case for Left Reformism (1961)
Alexander Blok: The Scythians (1918/1961) (poem)
André Giacometti: Colonial Revolution (1961) (book review)
Munir: Nationalism and Internationalism in the Middle East (1961) (book review)
Henry Collins: Politics and the Unions (1961) (book review)
John Thomas: Commintern (1961) (book review)
J. Ashdown: New Theories for Old (1961) (book review)
Kevin Barry: Liberal Sociology (1961) (book review)
J. Ashdown: Skin-Deep (1961) (book review)
Jeremy Jakes: Housing (1961) (book review)
Nigel Harris: The Decline of Welfare (1961)
Sergio Junco: Yanqui No! Castro No! Cuba Si! (with Nick Howard) (1961) (early critique of Cuban Revolution by Samuel Farber)
Nigel Harris: Tory Trends (1961) (book review)
James C. Kincaid: Totalitarian – Subjective (1961) (book review)
Raymond Challinor: The Partners (1961) (book review)
Khrushchev’s Congress (1961) (note of the quarter)
Labour’s Sickness (1961) (note of the quarter)
Letter to Readers (1961) (editorial)
Keith Barnes: Catterick 1954 (1961) (poem)
John Fairhead: The Common Market (1961) (polemic)
Henry Collins: Party History (1961) (book review)
Mary Harris: Yugoslavia (1961) (book review)
Erich Gerlach: The Grand Camouflage (1961) (book review)
N. Adler: Race and Class (1961) (book review)
David Breen: Indology Again (1961) (book review)
Kevin Barry: Learned and Shoddy (1961) (book review)
John Crutchley: Economic Theory (1961) (book review)
D.A. Steel: The Poet Revolutionary (1961) (book review)
Theo Melville: Grey Man (1961) (book review)
Books Received (1961)
Ken Coates: Reform and Revolution – Rejoinder 1 (1962)
Ken Coates: The Mines (1962) (book review)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Stalin and History (1962) (book review)
Sergio Junco: Argentina (1962) (book review)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Trotsky (1962) (book review)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Disengagement (1962) (book review)
No Bombs and No Illusions (1962) (note of the quarter)
Planning (1962) (note of the quarter)
Labour and the Common Market (1962) (note of the quarter)
George Lux: The Decline of German Socialism (1961)
A. Giacometti: An Opposition in the World Federation of Trade Unions (1962)
Letter to Readers (1962) (editorial)
Theo Melville: Memoriam – Natalia Sedova (1962) (poem)
Yuri Olesha: Love (1928/1962) (short story)
Peter von Oertzen: Reform and Revolution – Rejoinder 2 (1962)
John Fairhead: Social Democracy in Britain (1962) (book review)
Munir: The Turks (1962) (book review)
David Cairns: The Tortoise (1962) (book review)
David Cairns: Another Look (1962) (book review)
Henry Collins: British Trade Unions (1962) (book review)
J. Ashdown: Steel and the Nation (1962) (book review)
David Breen: South of the Himalayas (1962) (book review)
Alasdair MacIntyre: C. Wright Mills (1962) (obituary)
Alasdair MacIntyre: The Factory (1962) (book review)
Ken Coates: Zweigism (1962) (book review)
James C. Kincaid: Jenkins in TV-Land (1962) (book review)
Nigel Harris: H of C (1962) (book review)
Nigel Harris: Marxism (1962) (book review)
James C. Kincaid: Nazism (1962) (book review)
The Young Socialists (1962) (note of the quarter)
INDEC (1962) (note of the quarter)
The Wages Front (1962) (note of the quarter)
Letter to Readers (1962) (editorial)
Henry Collins: Left Reformism Restated (1962)
Henry Collins: The ETU (1962) (book review)
Peter Ibbotson: Scholarship and Non-Scholarship (1962) (book review)
John Ashdown: Heretics (1962) (book review)
John Corina: Guerillas in Action (1962) (book review)
Theo Melville: Iceland and the Bomb (1962) (book review)
David Breen: Phoenix (1962) (book review)
James D. Young: A Democratic Tradition (1962) (book review)
James Buchanan: The Lanark Tradition (1962) (book review)
David Steel: Political Literature (1962) (book review)
Theo Melville: Film Economics (1962) (book review)
Shorter Notices (1962) (book review)
Raymond Challinor: Socialism at the Parish Pump (1962)
Nigel Harris: Political Paddling (1962) (book review)
Nigel Harris: Paishism, by (1961) (book review)
China and Russia (1962) (note of the quarter)
Cuban Lessons (1962) (note of the quarter)
Class or Country (1962) (note of the quarter)
P. Mansell: Socialism at the Parish Pump – The Comment (1962)
Kan-ichi Kuroda: Marxism in Japan (1962)
Letter to Readers (1961) (editorial)
John Fairhead: Extract from Letter of Resignation (1962)
Tirril Harris: The Beast Talks (1962) (book review)
P. Mansell: Modern China (1962) (book review)
P. Mansell: Chiang and Mao (1962) (book review)
David Breen: Indo-Pak (1962) (book review)
Constance Lever: Kibbutzim (1962) (book review)
Julian Madison: Angola (1962) (book review)
Munir: Egypt’s Military Regime (1962) (book review)
David Cairns: West Africa (1962)
Theo Melville: The Sober Banker (1962) (book review)
David Cairns: Arendtiana (1962) (book review)
David Cairns: Liberalism (book review)
Henry Collins: Trade Union Facts (1962) (book review)
John Crutchley: Way Out (1962)
John Palmer: Arms Economy (1963) (book review)
Sergio Junco: American Radical (1963) (book review)
Alasdair MacIntyre: Marx and Morals (1963)
Raymond Challinor: Fair Shares (1963) (book review)
Colin Barker: Declining Health (1963) (book review)
Ian H. Birchall: Loyal Opposition? (1963) (book review)
John Palmer: Hard Heads (1963) (book review)
Nigel Harris: India (1963) (book review)
Colin Barker: African Rebels (1963) (book review)
Sergio Junco: A Mirror of ‘Observers’ (1963) (book review)
Nigel Harris: Japanese Politics (1963) (book review)
Labour’s Party (1963) (note of the quarter)
Letter to Readers (1963) (editorial)
Gavin Kennedy: On India (1963) (letter)
School Classes Peter Ibbotson (1963) (book review)
M. Millett: Ministry Boffin? (1963) (book review)
Tony Young: Cold War Debate (1963) (book review)
David Cairns: Sociology – Science? – 1 (1963) (book review)
Ioan Davies: Sociology – Science – 2 (1963) (book review)
G. Veitch: Bedtime Story (1963)
Andrew Miller: Striking (1963) (book review)
Jaremy Jakes: Dead Horse (1963) (book review)
Ioan Davies: The Leadership (1963) (book review)
Ian Taylor: Old Guard (1963) (book review)
P. Mansell: Little Man (1963) (book review)
P. Mansell: Spain (1963) (book review)
A. Gigante: No Insight (1963) (book review)
Tolkatch: Socialist Peasants (1963) (book review)
Barry Hindess: African Jailbird (1963) (book review)
Barry Hindess: The New Boss (1963) (book review)
N. Adler: South Africa (1963) (book review)
John Strauther: Calypso and the Mass Party (1963) (book review)

Added to the new Marxists Internet Archive eBooks Collection:

Henryk Grossman: Includes “Marx’s Classical Political Economy and the Problem of Dynamics.”

Added to the Moses Hess Archive:

At last we have an English translation of Moses Hess’s “Philosophy of the Act.” It was Hess who recruited Marx to communism, and this document shows how Hess appropriated the subjective idealist philosophy of Johann Fichte and the communism of Babeuf, for a philosophical foundation for communism. Hess’s ultra-leftism is reminiscent of more recent versions of the “Philosophy of the Act.”
The Philosophy of the Act, 1843

Added to the Peter Sedgwick Archive:

On the Common Market (extract from letter) (1962)
Criticism of Editorial on Fascism (extract from letter) (1962)

Opened the Andreu Nin archive in the Portuguese-language section, with:

A Situação Política e as Tarefas do Proletariado, 1937

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  1. Poumista,

    Thank you for the multiple plug. Also thank you for so many links. I shall try and get round to reading many of them. I have not been able to resist myself. I just downloaded and read Irving Howe’s “Smash the Profiteers” that you linked to. It is astonishing (but I do know that this was his position) that even in 1946 he was ranting and raving against America’s involvement in WWII based on it being a war for capital.

    Keep up the good work!



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