Poale Zion in Greece

I was reading a fascinating post about the Zionist movement in Salonica, and noticed mentioned of “the marxist club Poalei Zion (workers of Zion) of Volos“. (Sources: 1, 2.) PZ in Volos apparently “maintained a club and a well – equiped library. hosting dances, lectures. social gatherings and many other events on its premises.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a particular interest in Poale Zion, the originally Marxist current in the Zionist movement, which has an oblique relationship to the extended Poumista family as at least some bits of it (e.g. the Mifleget Poale Zion VeHaHugim HaMarksistim beEretz Yisrael, where the young Tony Cliff cut his political teeth) were affiliated to the same international as the POUM. I may write about this some other time, but I think that, among other things, the story of the PZ complicates the simplistic view, now received wisdom in much of the left, that Zionism is or has always been a right-wing and/or imperialist movement.

So, I couldn’t stop myself from doing a little googling about the PZ’s history.

Among other things, I came up with a far right site containing extracts from the work of bizarre anti-communist conspirationist Elizabeth Dilling, a supporter of Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh. *http://www.come-and-hear.com/dilling/chapt11.html which has pdfs of extracts from the American Jewish Commual Register with fascinating details on the Jewish left in the US in the first decades of the 20th century. I was tempted to include some of this in my next Archive of Struggle update, but decided I didn’t want to add link-juice to the fascists…

See also: Tony Greenstein on the left in Palestine; Self-Governing Socialism: The Kibbutz

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  1. Unfortunately, after all these years, Fascism has returned in Greece once again and his cruel face, disguised behind the mask of socialism, will now extinguish all Greek people and not just the Jewish. All the elderly is condemned to die. The corrupted politicians cut down the helpless elderly pension to levels of starving to death.

  2. […] unter “Sozialistika” und im Download-Archiv … auf Poumista Informationen zur Poale Zion in Griechenland und einige historische 1. […]

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