Orwellian, Marxian, etc

CLR James

I see via a post by Lady Poverty that there is a newish CLR James collection from AK Press, reviewed here by Rico Cleffi in the Indypendent.

Everything is a commodity.  My glasses are a commodity, cigarettes are commodities, tea is a commodity, the gramophone is a commodity, the tape recorder is a commodity — everything is a commodity.  The important thing that I want you to remember in your study of Capital is Marx’s insistence that the particular commodity that is important in the study of capital is the labor-power of the individual.  In all societies that are in any way developed, there is commodity production.   But that the man sells his labor, his labor-power — a commodity — to the capitalist, Marx says, once you begin there, the whole of capitalist society grows from that; that the labor-power of the human individual is sold as a commodity.

George Orwell

Champagne Charlie on why Orwell got it right about Dunkirk, and Rosie Bell reading Orwell’s diary from that time.

Leninist apologias

Mike E of Kasama, whose task is to rejuvenate some of the most moribund elements of the Marxist-Leninist tradition, has a post on Kronstadt that is very sophisticated, but in my view better described as sophistry. Bermuda radical also publishes a piece from International Socialism attacking the “myth” of Nestor Makhno.

Ernest Mandel

New blogger Next on the Left reviews Stutje’s biography of Mandel. For German speakers, a multi-part hagiographical video of the man.

Council communism and anarcho-syndicalism

A reading list, with links, at The Commune.

From the archives

Sam Dolgoff on the relevance of anarchism. Hemingway reports Spain.
And these from Mikey Ezra: Chicago Tribune, October 10, 1969The Times, May 9, 1945, Ramparts, April 1966, Spartacist League, July 8, 1980, Miami Herald, February 17, 1994, Guardian, May 14, 1982, BBC, September 18, 1981, CPGB, August 1942, Commentary, June 1986.


Robin Hood reviewed at The Commune. The case for internationalism from below. A new socialism for the 21st century? AWL on Gramsci. Mantex on Victor Serge on Marxism and art. Peter Tomkins Jr: Metis socialist. Michael Weiss on Vasily Grossman. Anne Applebaum on the children of the gulags. Michael Kimmage on Communism’s history. Jeffrey Rubin on Cesar Chavez. Richard Rodriguez on Cesar Chavez. Stephen Cohen on Paul Berman on Nikolai Bukharin. The US paid money to support Hugo Banzer’s 1971 coup in Bolivia.

Welcome Italian tumblrs!


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  1. Thanks for the plugs Poumista. Most appreciated.

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