Totally random edition.

Martin on the demise of one of my favourite bloggers, On a Raised Beach, and on the passing of Portuguese Stalinist novelist Jose Saramago. Here’s Irving Howe and Benjamin Kunkel on Saramago from the archives of Dissent.

Gathering Forces: State Capitalism and the Break with Trotskyism (on the Johnson-Forest Tendency in 1950).

Marko Hoare on the Miliband brothers and the New Left Review – a little insight into the aristocracy of the new left from the son of  a key British Marxist and an ex-member of Labour Party Young Socialists. Harry Barnes has a different view, and calls for more Ralphism (also at Next Left).

The World Cup and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

Le Chant des partisans: Coatesy’s homage to the Free French.

Nick Cohen  – homage to Pilar Rohala, a Catalan socialist anti-Islamist.

Interview with José Antonio Gutiérrez, Chilean platformist anarchist in exile (via At Home).

On French Stalinism yesterday and today.

Hugo Chavez revives the Doctors’ Plot.

James Connolly and John Ford.

Gramsci, class formation and class politics.

Obituary for Denis Comanne.

Another review of Stutje’s Ernest Mandel biography – by Bryan Palmer.

Walter Rodney – prophet of self-emancipation.

Richard Wolin on neocons misunderstanding the 1960s.

From the archive: “The Right to Work or the Right to Fight to Live” Anarchy issue 21 the Anarchy Collective, published by Anarchy Magazine (1984); A Fury For Justice: Lucy Parsons And The Revolutionary Anarchist Movement in Chicago by Jacob McKean (2006).

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  1. The funniest thing I have ever read about Ernest Mandel was the portrayal by Tariq Ali of him, via a fictional character, Ezra Einstein, in his novel Redemption(Chatto and Windus Ltd., 1990). For anyone familiar with some of the the anecdotes and characters of the Trotskyist left, this book is quite funny. Having said that, as Marko Attila Hoare has pointed out, Alex Callinicos did not find it amusing.

  2. […] Stalinism: I have already linked to this piece by Andrew Coates on the new leader of the French Communist Party, but I did so very […]

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