A month of music Mondays: The Men They Coudn’t Hang

George does Sundays and so does Entdinglichung, Martin does Fridays. I’m going to do Mondays. Just over the summer, as I won’t have much computer time.

The Men They Coudn’t Hang: The Ghosts of Cable Street

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  1. my favorite song by them: Ironmasters

  2. ‘How Green Is The Valley’ is a fine album. And ‘Ironmasters’ used to be on constantly in the common room (or it might have been the fifth year toilets) when I was at school. Quality.

  3. […] is the real (Ralph) Miliband. The sins of the grandchildren (obliquely Milibandist and related to this). Ron Radosh on the hubris of Peter Beinart and the politics of Father Coughlin and on Howard […]

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