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Changing Trains, Nearing the Terminus (Rosie on Hitch). // History Lessons from the SWP (Bamberry on Hitler and Trotsky on WWII) – see also Andrew’s reply. // Principia Dialectica versus American Marxist Humanists on Kronstadt. // The Maoist insurgency in India: End of the road for Indian Stalinism? An interview with Jairus Banaji.* // 170 years of anarchist theory. // Gramsci and Left Managerialism. // Tony Judt and elitism.

Jaime Semprun RIP: Obituaries: Principia Dialectica. Not Bored. Obituary by Jules Bonnot de la Bande. Libcom. Loren Goldner.

Andy’s anarchist notes below the fold.

minus one

AK Press has just published In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary, an English translation of Ngo Van’s Au pays de la Cloche fêlée (Paris: L’Insomniaque, 2000) and of excerpts from Ngo Van’s Au pays d’Héloïse(L’Insomniaque, 2005). […


    “It is said that the history of peoples who have a history is the history of class struggle. It might be said with as much truthfulness, that the history of peoples without history is a history of their struggle against the state.” ~ Pierre Clastres (1934-1977), French anthropologist, Society Against the State (1974)

V V reviews The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland South East Asia (Yale University Press, Orient Blackswan reprint) @ The Business Standard(India).


The World that Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists, and Secret Agents by the English writer Alex Butterworth is reviewed by the Yanqui scribbler Matthew Price here. “For all the mayhem — alleged and actual — of the anarchists, they existed on the fringe. They experienced very little of what it was actually like to rule.” Which is kinda, like, the point.


Yanqui crackademic Arthur Versluis asks have we witnessed the death of the Left?. He’s a bit of a dumbass, but it’s sometimes useful, and often amusing, to keep an eye on what ‘conservatives’ understand to be their opposition.


Versluis makes reference to the IWA in his essay; of similar vintage is the Pittsburgh Proclamation, adopted by the Founding Congress of the American Federation of the International Working People’s Association on October 14, 1883.


The Canadian ‘New Socialist Group’ has produced another short essay on the subject of ‘Anarchism versus Marxism Today’. The NSG was formerly a member of the iSt, and continues to espouse a ’socialism from below’.

See alsoLeninist critiques of anarchism (March 25, 2010).


I thought I already done linked to this before, but obviously not: History and Actuality of Anarcha-feminism: lessons from Spain (Marta Iniguez de Heredia, Lilith, No.16, 2007).


The figure of Nestor Makhno (1888–1934) continues to generate disco among historians of early twentieth-century Russia and Ukraine. A recent essay by Volodymyr Horak compares the mob Makhno assembled beneath the black flag of anarchy with that gathered around the blue and yellow flag of Petliura’s nationalists.

Otherwise, and as ever, Poumista continues to kick historical butt.

See alsoThe Russian Revolution in the Ukraine (March 1917 – April 1918) by Nestor Makhno (Foreword by Daniel Guerin / Introduction by Alfredo M. Bonanno / Translated by Paul Sharkey). Speaking of which…


Digital Elephant is an excellent resource, containing online versions of the many and varied and highly subversive texts Elephant Editions has published over the last 30 years or so.


Peter Gelderloos complains What’s Missing is Solidarity: The Decline of Resistance from the Red Scare to the War on Terror (Counterpunch, August 23, 2010). I suggest he looks under the kitchen sink.


Blaggers ITA. Not anarchist, but apropos.

*Note: Jairus Banaji is a former member of the IS, and a translator into English of the much-neglected work of the great Henryk Grossman.

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  1. […] the ever readable Principia Dialectica on the topic of the 1921 Kronstadt rebellion (spotted via Poumista) provided me with sufficient entertainment on a Saturday night spent supping tea, munching soda […]

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