A month of music Mondays: The Clash

I know I’ve gone on longer than a month, but I’m enjoying it…

The Clash: Guns of Brixton

Calexico: The Guns of Brixton

Nouvelle Vague: The Guns of Brixton

Do you have a favourite?

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  1. Despite the quirky charm of the other two, it has to be the original for me. Memories of hearing it live in the dust and sweat of Cambridge Corn Exchange, back in the day…

    Talking of quirky, have you seen this Arcade Fire version:

    I was a Clash ‘early adopter’ back in the summer of 77 and a huge fan for a while. But listening to this track now, its romanticising of gangsterism seems as adolescent as the terrorist chic of Strummer’s Brigade Rossa t-shirt.

    Or maybe I’m just getting old…


  2. The version by Inner Terrestrials is neat too.


  3. Paul Simonon moved on from romanticising gangsterism to romanticising bullfighting.

    I am very fond of the Nouvelle Vague version.

  4. Calexico remains my favourite, although I will check out the Inner Terrestrials. The Clash look so cool now, in ways most of their contemporaries don’t, but what posey wankers!

    What’s wrong with bullfighting?

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