First, two blogs to be added to the blogroll: Marc, the Happy Communist, and via him, the brilliant Guardians of the Secret.

Another fallen comrade: Tiziano Bagarolo.

Remembering CLR James in Hackney – a fight surprisingly easily won.

Johnny Guitar on the strange death of Hardy, the leader of the French Trot sect Lutte Ouvriere.

This week’s dose of anti-communism: “Leftists Defy Sandinistas As Labor Strife Hits Peak”, by Stephen Kinzer, New York Times, April 14, 1988.

Some highlights from Entdinglichung’s on-going wonderful Sozialistika series, which makes my From The Archives of Struggle series completely irrelevant:

Democratic socialism:
* Jean JauresIntroduction to Socialist History of the French Revolution (1901)

Libertarian socialism and alternative Zionisms:
* Oswald L: Briefe aus Degania (1920-1922)

The Sergian tradition:
* Mairtin O’ Cathain: The Birth of Glasgow’s Anarchism (19??)
* Peter Sedgwick: The Unhappy Elitist: Victor Serge’s Early Bolshevism (1984)
* Peter Arshinov: History of the Makhnovist movement, 1918-1921 (1923)
* Rudolf Rocker: Volin, 1882-1945 (1947)
* Volin: The unknown revolution, 1917-1921 (1953)
* Andy Brown: A fresh look at Lenin (Solidarity, ~ 1980)
* La nota del alcalde de Tarrasa a un formulario obsoleto (1919, publicado por Agustín Guillamón en la revista GERMINAL. « Revista de Estudios Libertarios », número 6 (2008))
* Camilo Berneri: Between the war and the Revolution (1936)
* Camilo Berneri: The anarchists in government in Spain: Open letter to comrade Federica Montseny (1937)
* Camilo Berneri: On militarisation of the militias (1937)
* Michael S Fox: Ante Ciliga,Trotsky, and State Capitalism: Theory, Tactics, and Re-evaluation during the Purge Era, 1935-1939 (?)
* Agustin Guillamón: Le groupe franco-espagnol « Les Amis de Durruti » (2008)
* Agis Stinas: By way of a gift, the Stalinist gangsters attack us (1977)

Gramsci, council communism and the ultra-left
* Thomas R Bates: Antonio Gramsci and the Bolshevization of the PCI (?)
* Helmut Wagner (Rudolph Sprenger): Teses sobre o bolchevismo (1933 [English text here)
* Antomio Gramsci: The formation of intellectuals (193?)
* John Gerber: From left radicalism to council communism: Anton Pannekoek and German revolutionary Marxism (1988)
* Marcel van der Linden: On council communism (?)
* Guido De Masi and Giacomo Marramao: Councils and State in Weimar Germany (1976)
* Karl Korsch: O Marxismo e as tarefas presentes da luta de classe proletária (1938)
* Jacques Camatte: Origin and function of the party form (1961/1974)
* Mansoor Hekmat: Le marxisme et le monde actuel [2] (1992)

Raya Dunayevskaya

Image via Wikipedia

After Johnson-Forest: Marxist humanism and beyond
* Raya Dunayevskaya: The Absence of a Mass Labor Party in the U.S. (1957) // Unemployment and Organizations to Fight It (1958)
* Selma James: Sex, Race and Class: How capitalism and the Left have mystified the real relationships between these categories (1973)
* Carl Boggs: Marxism, prefigurative communism, and the problem of workers’ control(1977-1978)

The global movement against capital since the 1970s
* Richard Gombin: The Ideology and Practice of Contestation seen through recent Events in France (1971)
* Wicked Messengers: Politics in the First Person: the autonomous workers movement in Italy (1974)
* Jaime Semprun: Apology for the Algerian insurrection (2001)
* Werner Bonefeld: Anti-globalisation and the question of socialism (2006)

Heterodox Trotskyism today
* Chris Harman: Inside German Communism/Hamburg at the Barricades (1977)
* Sean Matgamna/Martin Thomas: Building the AWL (1983)
* Sean Matgamna: UNITE THE LEFT? Left Disunity In the Perspective of History (1999)
* Daniel Bensaïd: Marxisms, theory, yesterday and today – Answers to questions from the Russian comrades in Vpered (2006)

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  2. “Marc, the Happy Communist”
    i clicked, and it’s been deleted!

  3. i clicked, and it’s been deleted!

    The Poumista kiss of death…

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