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Timothy Snyder’s new book Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin is getting some attention. It sounds fascinating but flawed. Here are two sample reviews: by Neal Ascherson and by Richard J Evans. (More reviews, from automatically generated links, at the bottom of the page.) Also read this great piece by Snyder on totalitarian Belarus: In Darkest Belarus.

The Lost Revolution: The Story of the Official IRA and the Workers’ Party by Brian Hanley and Scott Millar has also gotten a fair amount of press, rather more surprisingly. Here’s reviews by Daniel Finn, Conor McCabe, and Chris Gray.

Other book reviews by Andrew Coates: Francis Spufford’s Red Plenty (on Stalinism’s “golden age”), John Holloway’s Crack Capitalism.

Mike McNair has had an interesting series in the Weekly Worker on Trotskyist entrism in the Labour Party over the years, which I keep meaning to link to. Here’s the final episode. Also in the WW: Jack Tansey defends left communism.

Sean Matgamna’s very belated obit for Ernst Mandel. Also from the AWL: Dale Street on How Stalinism crushed the Vietnamese Trotskyists, and Matgamna on what a revolutionary party is and is not.

Below the fold, From the Archive of Struggle no.53, mainly from Entdinglichung:

*International Group (IG):  The Bulletin (04.05. 1963)

*George Orwell: On the Monarchy (Partisan Review, 1944)

* MN Roy: Letter to Henk Sneevliet (1926)

*The Socialist [Socialist Labour Party]: The passing of communist unity (1920)

*Hal Draper: The Student Movement of the Thirties in the USA: A Political History (1965)

Le groupe Que faire ?: nouveaux documents (1935-1939)
Défense d’un instituteur devant la commission displinaire pour n’avoir pas fait l’ “Appel des Morts” (1924)
* Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB): Manifeste d’introduction du Parti Socialiste de Grande-Bretagne (1977)
* Démocratie socialiste: Liberté ou capitalisme ? (2008)
* Démocratie socialiste: Manifester… jusqu’à quand ? (2008)
* Adam BuickPCF and the Dictatorship of the proletariat (1976)
* William MorrisOù en sommes-nous ? (1890)

* Paul MattickAspects of Revolt (1961)
* Hal DraperIsraels arabische Minderheit: Der Beginn einer Tragödie (1956)
* Tony CliffTrotskismo después de Trotski (1999)

* Philippe Bourrinet: The „Bordigist“ Current (1919-1999): Italy, France, Belgium(1999)
* Paul Delesalle: Emile Pouget’s Life As An Activist (1931)
* Petr KropotkinSyndicalism and Anarchism (1908)

* Joan Trevor: I love Paris in the winter! (1996)
* Roger Clarke: The Australian Labor Party and the Australian left (1996)
* Edward ConzeThings must be studied in their movement (1996)
* Martin Shaw: Beyond international socialism (1996)
* Chris Reynolds: Hopes and fears in Bosnia (1996)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Freedom to Criticise and Unity of Action (1906)
* Karl KautskyMarxists and mass workers’ parties (?)

* James P. Cannon: Eyewitness account in 1923/25th anniversary of Russian Revolution (1923/1942)

* Paul Foot: Poetry of Protest (1992, zu Shelley)

* Voltairine de Cleyre: The Suicide’s Defense (1894)

* Ante Ciliga: »Lenin auch …« (1938)

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  1. The Ascherson review link isn’t working – too many https, me thinks.

    • Fixed. This is due to an annoying new feature of WordPress’ editing…

  2. Spufford’s book is also reviewed in this month’s Socialist Standard, Holloway’s book was reviewed in last month’s Socialist Standard.

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