Music Mondays: Sante Caserio

“Sante Caserio” – Pietro Gori

“Sante Caserio” – Pietro Gori (1894) Canti anarchici – Ateneo Libertario “Le bal des innocents” – Joseph Paris (2006)

Sante Geronimo Caserio (September 8, 1873 – August 16, 1894) was an Italian anarchist and the assassin of Marie François Sadi Carnot, President of theFrench Third Republic.

Caserio was born in Motta ViscontiLombardy. On June 24, 1894, he fatally stabbed President Carnot after a banquet, to avenge Auguste Vaillant and Emile Henry.

At his trial, Caserio described the assassination in detail:

I heard the “Marseillaise” and the cries of “Viva Carnot!” I saw the cavalry come up. I understood that the moment had come and I held myself ready. On seeing the President’s carriage I drew my dagger and threw away the sheath. Then, when the carriage was passing close by me, I sprang forward to the step, supported myself by resting my left hand on the carriage, and with my right hand buried the dagger in the President’s breast.[1]

The Board of Pardons decided against all appeals for clemency on August 14. Caserio was executed by guillotine inLyon at precisely 5am, August 16, 1894.[1] In front of the guillotine, he exclaimed “Coraggio cugini—evviva l’ anarchia!” (“Courage, cousins—long live anarchy!”)

Pietro Gori (14 August 1865 – 8 January 1911) was an Italian lawyer, journalist, intellectual and anarchist poet. He is known for his political activities,[1]and as author of some of the most famous anarchist songs of the late 19th century, including Addio a Lugano (“Farewell to Lugano“), Stornelli d’esilio(“Exile Songs”), Ballata per Sante Caserio (“Ballad for Sante Geronimo Caserio“).


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  1. The Tsar is late for dinner..2 I March 1881 Tsar Alexander II of Russia is blown apart by a bomb thrown by Ignacy Hrnywiecki see related article of Narodnya i Volya The Peoples Will ..3 11 March 1892 the French anarchist Ravachol related article bombs the Lobau Barracks in Paris.Ravachol.4 7 November 1893 a bomb is thrown into the Barcelona Opera House by Santiago Salvador Franch killing 29..5 10 December 1893 Auguste Vailant throws a bomb into the French Chamber of Deputies injuring 20 in revenge for the execution of Ravachol..6 12 February 1894 Emile Henry related article blows up the the Cafe Terminus in Paris killing 2 and maiming many others in revenge for the execution of Vailant..7 24 June 1894 the Italian anarchist Sante Jeronimo Caserio assassinates the French President Marie-Francoise Sade Carnot..

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