Through the eyes of a corpse

Anarchist histories

Lady Poverty on Rudolf Rocker and anarchism’s liberal roots.

SolFed publish Bob Holman’s history of anarcho-syndicalism in Merseyside. Jim Dick is mentioned, a student of Spanish free educationalist, who later formed a life partnership with Nellie Ploschansky, who was close to Rudolf Rocker and his sons in London. Nellie and Jim crossed the Atlantic after WWI and joined the free school movement there, and crop up in Paul Avrich‘s oral histories of immigrant anarchism and the free schools.

Against Leninism

Sticking with anarchism, the image above is lifted from Phil Dickens’ “Communism through the eyes of a corpse“, a critique of Marxism-Leninism.

From the archive of struggle

From Entdinglichung’s latest.

* Anarchist Federation of America: How to end panics : an address to poor people(1908)
* Heinrich LaufenbergThe Hamburg Revolution (1919)
* Fritz WolffheimFactory Organizations or Trade Unions? (1919)
* Hermann Gorter: The Opportunism of the Communist Party of the Netherlands (1919)
Resolution of the Conference of the Abstentionist Communist Fraction of the Italian Socialist Party (1920)
Program of the AAUD (1920)
* Franz Pfemfert: Lenin’s Infantile Disorder… and the Third International(1920)
* Hermann Gorter: The Lessons of the „March Action“: Gorter’s Last Letter to Lenin (1921)
The KAPD’s Report on the Third Congress of the Communist International(1921)
* Henriette Roland-Holst: The Communist Left and the Resolutions of the Second Congress of the Communist International (1921)
Leading Principles of the KAI (1922)
* Jakow Arkadievi Jakowlev: Russki anarkhizm v Veliko Russko revoliutsii (1922)
Contre le CourantClass Against Class (1929)
* Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM): Révolution espagnole, 21. Oktober 1936
* Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM): Response to the Articles in Pravda and l’Humanité (1937)
* Henry G. Stetler: The socialist movement in Reading, Pennsylvania, 1896-1936; a study in social change (1943)
* Anton PannekoekParty and Working Class (1936)
* Paul MattickThe Barricades Must Be Torn Down. Moscow-Fascism in Spain(1937)
* Fredy Perlman: Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia(1969)
* Gilles Dauvé/Denis Authier: The Communist Left in Germany 1918-1921 (1976)
* Paolo Casciola: Zu den Ursprüngen des „Titoismus“ und des jugoslowischen Trotzkismus (1996)

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