Giving the proletariat practice in arms

A very to the point post by Carl Packman: “Karl Marx in the United Nations”:

In a letter to Ludwig Kugelmann on December 13, 1870, on the subject of the combination of civil war with revolutionary wars, Karl Marx opined that socialists should embrace giving “the proletariat practice in arms.”

141 years later, capitalist governments such as the US have been given permission by the UN to arm rebels in Libya.

Today, also, Tory backbencher Mark Pritchard said the “international community should allow rebels access to arms”.

And what have the UK’s Marxist representatives said? Simon Assaf for the Socialist Workerhas said:

It may seem callous to oppose intervention in the face of such harrowing repression. But any Western intervention will come at a heavy price.

Since arming the revolution would count as “Western intervention” I guess that’s out of the question.

The world has turned upside down.

Meanwhile, Renegade Eye explains Bonapartism.

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  2. The confusion over what a no-fly zone entails persisted among ordinary Arabs too as Libyan state television reported at least 48 civilian casualties a figure that couldnt be independently verified..My whole generation grew up with Desert Fox in 98 all the way up to the Iraq war and then the Israeli occupation as well so that tends to feed into a desire not to see Western political or military intervention said Heba Morayef of the Cairo office of Human Rights Watch. He has a long history of stunts at the annual Arab Summit such as smoking cigars on the conference room floor to show contempt for the speakers or trading insults with the Saudi king in a fight so heated that it had to be taken off the air..Usually Arab rulers tolerate each other no matter how idiotic they are in order to survive said Mohamed Qahtani a Saudi human rights activist.

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