From the archive of struggle: Haymarket and May Day

Here, some recent additions to the digital commons. Below the fold, Some links from Rosemary Feurer’s Labor History Links site:

From the archive

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR):

* Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM):Révolution espagnole, 18. November 1936Révolution espagnole, 15. Januar 1937Révolution espagnole, 18. Dezember 1936 (mit einem Nachruf auf Buenaventura Durruti); Révolution espagnole, 15. Februar 1937

* Jeunesses socialistes révolutionnaires (JSR):Révolution !, März 1935Révolution !, November 1937Révolution !, Dezember 1937Révolution !, Januar 1938

* Parti ouvrier internationaliste (POI): A bas la répression contre-révolutionnaire en URSS (1936) [includes letter from Antje Ciliga]

* Pierre Frank: La révolution espagnole (1959)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB): Le Mouvement Travailliste en Angleterre (1931)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

Sexuality and Fascism (1979)


* Edward P. Thompson: The making of the English working class (1966)
Midnight NotesPolicing Us (1985)
* Echanges et Mouvement: The summer strikes in Poland, 1980 (1980)
* Steven Jones: A communist critique of some aspects of early CrimethInc. (2005/2006)
* W: Rethinking CrimethInc. (2006)
* Denis Authier: The Beginnings of the Workers’ Movement in Russia (1970)

* Tom Goyens: Beer and Revolution: The German Anarchist Movement in New York City, 1880-1914 (2007)
* Karl Korsch: Evolution of the Problem of the Political Workers Councils in Germany (1921)
Armenian history: an anarchist perspective (2007)
* Loren Goldner: Preface to the Swedish edition of Communism is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today (2002)

* Chris Ealham: Class, Culture and Conflict in Barcelona, 1898-1937 (2005)
* Simon Pirani: The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-24: Soviet Workers and the New Communist Elite (2008)
* Oskar Anweiler: Party Dictatorship or Workers Democracy: Introduction (1968)
* Claudio Pozzoli: Paul Mattick and Council Communism (1976)
* Colin M. Anderson: The Industrial Workers of the World in the Seattle General Strike (?)
* G.Masi: Anarchism in Tunisia: Nicolò (Nicolantonio) Converti, 1855-1939 (2003)
About anarchist history in the Philippines (2004)
* Herman Gorter: Historical Materialism (1920, Vorwort von Karl Kautsky)
* El Libertario: Anarchism in Venezuela, past and present (2008)
Scotland’s Libertarian Left (2007)

* Anton Pannekoek: Class Struggle and Nation (1912)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Socialist Party of Kansas: The Workers World, Nr. 1-35 (1919)
* Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM): The General Policy of the Workers Party of Marxist Unification (1936)
* Victor Serge: Den Gamle (1942)
* Raya Dunayewskaya: New Turn To The “Popular Front”, (1955)
* Raya Dunayewskaya: New Stage of Struggle Against Labor Bureaucracy (1955)
* Erich Fromm: Marxism, Psychoanalysis and Reality (1966)
* Natalia Sedowa: Bagaimana itu Terjadi (1940)

* Henk Canne-Meyer: Herman Gorter -Obituary (1927)
* Henk Canne-Meyer: THe Rise of a new Labour Movement (Excerpt) (1935)

* Amadeo Bordiga: Espace contre ciment (1953)

Collectif Smolny:

* Bénjamin Peret: Le déshonneur des poètes (1945)
* Anton Pannekoek: State Capitalism and Dictatorship (1937)

Workers’ Liberty:

* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin/James Connolly: The Dublin Labour War of 1913 (1913)

Workers’ Liberty 1, May 1985. Starved, Battered, Defiant: Magnificent Miners. The Story of the 1984-5 Strike
Workers’ Liberty 3, September 1985. Breaking The Chains (South Africa)
Workers’ Liberty 4, Spring 1986
Workers’ Liberty 6, April-May 1987
Workers’ Liberty 9, January 1988
Workers’ Liberty 15, February 1992. Socialists answer the new right
* James Connolly: Glorious Dublin/A titanic struggle (1913)
* Sean Matgamna: „Our Lady of the Jungle Sings the Blues“? (1988)

* Libertarian Socialist League (LSL): Proceedings of the founding conference of the Libertarian Socialist League, summer 1949 (1949)
* Karl Radek/August Thalheimer; Gegen den Nationalboschewismus!: zwei Aufsätze (1920)
* Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (Spartakusbund) (KPD): Der Weg der Revolution (1919)
* F. Brandt: Syndikalismus und Kommunismus (1919)
* Petr Kropotkin: Khlieb i volia. S predisl. lize Rekliu; perevod s frantsuzskago (1919)
* Morris Hillquit: Yhdysvaltain sosialismin historia (1912) [A Finnish translation of History of socialism in the United States (1910), published in Fitchberg, Mass. Was that a centre of Finnish socialism?]
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Socialist Call, 10. April 1953

* Art Lowe: Draft statement on work in the Stalinist arena (1956) [Young Socialist League (US)]
* Petr Kropotkin: Di anarkhisishe filozofye (1907) [London : Arbayer fraynd]

* Ber Borochov: In kampf far Idishe rekh : a blik in der Idisher rekhlozigey un in der geshikhe fun der Idisher emantsipatsions bewegung(1916) [N : Aroysgegeben fun Idish nats[yonaln] arbey[t]er ferband fun Ameri[c]a

* Albert Norden: The Thugs of Europe (1942) Book published in 1942 by a German Communist who fled Germany when the Nazis rose to power.

Labournet Austria:

19.4.1943: Beginn des Warschauer Ghetto-Aufstands – Marek Edelmann erzählt (Film)

Rustbelt Radical:

* Karl Marx: The North American Civil War (1861)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Benjamin Tucker: Anarchism and Crime (1926)

Radical Socialist:

* Leo Trotzki: The Question of the United Front (1922)


* Industrial Workers of the World (IWW): One Big Union (1908/2001, pdf-Datei)

Climate and Capitalism:

* James Connolly: We Only Want the Earth (1907)


PrometeoMarking out the Foundations (1946)

Obituaries and appreciations

Hazel Dickens (1935-2011), troubadour, feminist, class struggle warrior

Eliahu Itzkovitz, soldier, criminal, anti-fascist

John Watson, solider, deserter, working class hero


Pino Masi

Haymarket, 1886 and the Great Upheaval

Labor Day/May Day/shorter hours

May Pole

Left: Walter Crane’s “Workers’ Maypole”

And more!

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