A barricade in the Paris Commune, March 18, 1871.

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Organise! magazine Issue 77 Winter 2011: 

  • Editorial – What’s in the latest Organise! – The Anniversary Issue
  • 25 years of the AFED – reviewing the last 5 years of the Anarchist Federation.
  • The Paris Commune of 1871 and its impact – 140th anniversary
    • The Paris Commune: A contested legacy
    • “Vive la Commune!”
    • Revolutionary Portrait: Eugene Varlin, Martyr of the Paris Commune
  • The Anti-Cuts Movement and the Left: A local activist’s perspective
  • The Great Unrest: prelude to the storm – industrial disorder and school strikes 1910-14
  • The day will come: Chicago 1886 – 124th Anniversary of the Haymarket Massacre
  • The Mexican Revolution of 1911 – Centenary year
    • The land belongs to those who work it – The Magon brothers & Zapata
    • Uprising in Baja – battles of the California border towns [related reading here]
    • A Grave Error – the Mexican Syndicalists
  • The anarchist sculptor: Henri Gaudier Brzeska
  • Review: Ghost Dancers: The Miners’ Last Generation, by David John Douglass
  • Obituary: Bob Miller (1953-2011)
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