Keep calm, occupy, and have a pint

Let’s start with two snippets from the mainstream media. This morning on Radio 4, DJ Tayler, Orwell biographer, was talking about the Orwellian quest for the perfect pub. You can listen in some parts of the world here, or read about it here.

A roaring open fire. The bartender knows your name. Your pint of draught stout comes in a china cup. Did George Orwell have the recipe for the perfect pub?

Who knows who you might bump into in the perfect pub

… In an article written for the London Evening Standard in 1946, he produced a detailed description of his ideal watering-hole, The Moon Under Water, which “is only two minutes from a bus stop, but it is on a side-street, and drunks and rowdies never seem to find their way there, even on Saturday nights”.

The Guardian has a nice photo gallery of posters from the Occupy movement, with an emphasis on the retro look. Here’s one:

Turning to the alternative, Entdinglichung has a round-up of the latest in German on the Marxist Internet Archive, as part of the on-going project of bringing socialistica to the masses.

He also introduces to a great archival website called, which “aims to be a virtual open library for the collection and access to documentation and theoretical essays on past and current experiences of workers’ control”. Material in a few languages by Cornelius CastoriadisKen Coates & Tony TophamAntonio GramsciKarl KorschRosa LuxemburgErnest MandelPaul MattickAnton PannekoekOtto Rühle, and Leon Trotsky, as well as stuff like “The Universe of Worker-Recovered Companies in Argentina (2002-2008): Continuity and Changes Inside the Movement” and “The South London Women’s Hospital Occupation 1984-85“. Check it out.

But my favourite is this post of old papers, as it has a nice greeting to me, as well as nice newspaper images:

1.) Betriebszeitungen der KPD aus dem Jahre 1924 auf archive.orgDer Kruppianer, Nr. 2 und die Betriebszeitung bei BASF Ludwigshafen, Der Aniliner Nr.23 und 4

2.) [Read this on the Blog irishanarchisthistory,  including the first edition of Workers Solidarity (1984), an edition of the anarchist workers of 1978 and a special issue of Anarchy from 1971 to the Northern Ireland conflict]


3.) [On additional pages from the United States: The New Review (1913-1917), more years of the Militant or Socialist Appeal (19128-1940) and The Ohio Socialist (1917-1920) and The Toiler (1920) from Cleveland, Ohio]

4.) Sozialdemokratisches von den Rändern: Die Arbeiterzeitung aus Wien (1915-1927) und der Böhmerwald-Volksbote (1915-1917) aus Český Krumlov auf ANNO sowie die Danziger Volksstimme : Organ für die werktätige Bevölkerung der Freien Stadt Danzig (1920-1932, 1936) auf der Webseite der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

5.) Einige Ausgaben der Clarté (1922-1923) auf RaDAR

(The bits in square brackets are translated badly into English by me and google.)

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  1. and the complete daily of the SAPD 1931-1933:

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