Music Mondays: Anarchist fado

Via Sam Geall’s Twitter, here is some rare anarchist fado.

According to the info on YouTube, this is a clip from the documentary Mariza and the Story of Fado.

Here are the lyrics:

Humanitarian science
A symbol of altruism
Has a goal to condemn
God, country and militarism

The world shall behold
The poor free from oppression
Smashing the butchers
Of the ruling bourgeoisie
They shall see the birth
Of the ideal that will bring
Enlightenment and well-being
And promote true patriotism
Misery is what anarchism condemns

The subdued people
Get torn apart and tortured
While there’s a cure for this evil
In the desired ideal
They live as martyrs
In the talons of servitude
The social abyss deepens
The fanaticism of humanity
Relies on the trinity of God, country and the military

More from the Anarchofolk website, which I can’t believe I have not seen until now, and which I will be linking to regularly henceforth!

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