The Bundist past

A very interesting post at Tony Greenstein’s blog on the Bundist past that “Zionists” have attempted to obliterate. I hope he won’t mind me using the images here, to entice you to read it.

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  1. I am more than happy for you to use the images from my blog on the Bund. It is our duty to keep the memory and traditions of the Bund alive. The Zionists proclaim that they and they alone represent Jewish people. The Bund and these pictures prove otherwise. They utterly humiliated the Zionists in the Polish elections of 1938 when the Bund won 17 Jewish Council seats in Warsaw to just one for the Zionists.

    The Bund was destroyed by the Nazis, as were the Jews of Poland. Unfortunately a state grew up on their ashes whose principles, of racial separation and exclusion, were in the same mould as the persecutors of the Jews.

    We should also remember people like Victor Alter and Henryk Erlich, valiant leaders of the Polish Bund who Stalin murdered.

  2. That article was nonsense. I do not know of anyone denying or suppressing the history of the Bund, whether Zionist or not. Here is one Zionist example that address the Bund in a fairly comprehensive manner:

    Extremists tend to think when their particular perspective is not taken seriously, there is some sort of conspiracy against them. “The world does not think the same way as ME…there must be something wrong with THEM!” It is a sure sign of an unhinged mind.

    Anyway, one good indicator of the relevency of organizations like the Bund today is the size of similar organizations in Israel and overseas. They are on the margins and have very few members. Their ideas fail to attract people.

    Most people who get involved in democratic politics (including those dastardly Zionists) avoid the extremes whether on the left or right. Democratic politics today are largely those of the center whethe you are talking about Labor/Likud, Democrat/Republican, Labour/Torries, Socialist Party/Partido Popular, etc.

  3. Well the Bund were the first to be castigated as extremists.

    Of course you can point to a Zionist source such as the Jewish Virtual Library that has an article on the Bund. That’s not what I was saying.

    But I’m talking about the overwhelming majority of Zionist historiography which either ignored or belittled the Bundist/anti-Zionist contribution. An article is one thing, its integration into the holocaust narrative and history is another.

    For example the elimination of the Bund from any mention in Israel’s compulsory school studies on the holocaust. The emphasis is on Zionist resistance e.g. in Isaiah Trunk’s book The Judenrat. In the Book of Hashomer Hatzair 1500 pages we learn that:

    ’This immense work offers the most striking example of the description of Holocaust resistance as virtually identical with the activities of Hashomer Hatzair.’ Shabtai Beit Zvi, Zionism in the Crucible of the Holocaust p.328.

    There is a tribute to the Zionist-Nazi collaborator Rudolph Kasztner in Yad Vashem. Where is the equivalent to the real heroes – Marek Edelman and Rudolf Vrba?

    Instead of denying the obvious, try asking a few questions of your own, such as why the Zionists have airbrushed the Bund and all anti-Zionist/non-Zionist accounts from general history (yes of course there is a limited rendition in specialist accounts).

    This is the method of holocaust denial. When faced with undeniable evidence they merely deny it. Try reading beyond your own limited perspective.

    Ruth Linn, a Zionist and Professor of Education at Haifa University, was startled one day when in British Columbia she met one Rudolph Vrba, the Jewish escapee from Auchwitz who together with Alfred Wexler, made their way to Slovakia to warn Hungarian Jewry of what awaited them. They made their report, the Auschwitz Protocols and what happened? Eichmann did a deal to save the Zionist and Jewish elite and in return suppressed the Protocols, and actually reassured the Jews rounded up, thanks to the lists they supplied the Nazis, that all would be well.

    Linn’s asks whether a narrative of escape or resistance by a non-Zionist Jew can ever be made to harmonise with the national myths that have come to dominate the State of Israel? (Linn, Escaping Auschwitz – A Culture of Not Forgetting). She could not understand how it was that she had never heard of Vrba or indeed Edelman.

    And despite your nonsense comments, the Israeli government weren’t able to send their lowliest clerk at their Polish Embassy to Marek Edelman’s funeral. The Poles sent their President. That sums up the cynical Zionist attitude to the holocaust, news of which they tried to suppress at the time.

    Linn successfully obtained an honorary doctorate for Vrba from Haifa. But as Moshe Arens, former Foreign Minister under Begin and no friends of the Bund, nonetheless recognised the immense contribution of Edelman, but to no avail:

    ’Many of the survivors of the uprising who settled in Israel could not forgive Edelman for his frequent criticism of Israel. When on my return from Warsaw I tried to convince a number of Israeli universities to award Edelman an honorary doctorate in recognition of his role in the Warsaw ghetto uprising, I ran into stubborn opposition led by Holocaust historians in Israel. He had received Poland\’s highest honor, and at the 65th commemoration of the Warsaw ghetto uprising he was awarded the French Legion of Honor medal. He died not having received the recognition from Israel that he so richly deserved.’
    Ha’aretz 4.10.09.

    Mark that. It was the Zionist holocaust historians who opposed Edelman getting an honorary degree, just as they did unsuccessfully with Vrba.

  4. […] up from this post, anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein writes about the ex-Israeli Holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon and his […]

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