Happy new year from Poumista

This is a post to say thanks to all of you for reading and especially for commenting and linking.

My top referrers, not counting google etc, in 2011 were:
1. Rooieravotr
2. Tendance Coatesy
3. Shiraz Socialist
4. Boffy
5. Bob From Brockley
6. Luxemburger Anarchist
8. Journeyman
9. Histomatist
10. David Osler
11. Inveresk Street
12. Entdinglichung
13. Lady Poverty
14. On A Raised Beach (much missed)
15. A Very Public Socioloigist

Most popular posts were:

  1. Anarchism or your money back
  2. Amidah: Defiance
  3. Globalise the jasmine revolution: some notes from history and theory
  4. From the archive of struggle no.43
  5. On this day, 1945: Eileen O’Shaughnessy died
  6. On this day: 22 June 1937 – Andres Nin murdered
  7. Jews versus Stalinists in the Spanish Civil War
  8. Books
  9. Christopher Hitchens and Robert Service talk Trotsky
  10. Shoot them like partridges
  11. From the archive of struggle no.37
  12. Orwell turning in his grave?
  13. Music Monday 1: Carnation revolution
  14. From the archive of struggle: student activism in the 1930s
  15. Poumatica

Most commented on posts:

  1. More catching up
  2. Anarchism versus Leninism
  3. Workers’ Liberty
  4. Max Shachtman, Hal Draper and the anarchists
  5. My obsessions
  6. Uses and abuses: George Orwell and Norman Thomas
  7. Orwell turning in his grave?
  8. War, and class war
  9. On a roll, no.3
  10. Shoot them like partridges
  11. Democratic Green Stalinist?

Most popular search terms:

  1. poumista
  2. dirlewanger [I have no idea why!]
  3. poum
  4. spanish civil war
  5. carnation revolution
  6. george orwell
  7. eugene debs
  8. andres nin
  9. trotsky
  10. victor serge
  11. leon trotsky death
  12. trotsky dead
  13. anarchism
  14. spanish civil war posters
  15. leon trotsky
  16. mika etchebéhère
  17. spanish anarchists
  18. united farm workers logo
  19. robert service trotsky
  20. poum poster
  21. emma goldman
  22. eileen o’shaughnessy
  23. gerda taro
  24. manolis glezos

Most prolific commenters:

1. Michael Ezra
2. Petey
3. Entdinglichung
4. Kellie Strom
5. Darren

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  1. cheers, fabulous work you do.
    ps, nice to see debs’ name up on that list.

  2. all the best for (a hopefully revolutionary and anti-authoritarian) 2012!

  3. I am pleased to be your most prolific commentator!

  4. This writing style reminds me of my bff. How much time have you been an expert on this topic? Great work, keep it up. I just wanted to thank you for this great article. If you can, write me an email and we will discuss because I have an idea I think you will like. This is why that ineffable quality called good common sense is indispensable.

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