From the archive of struggle, no.67

At The Quay, 1935
Strike, 1936
Evening Trip, 1937

First, some items from Roland Dodds’ latest webtrawl, and below the fold, the latest installment of the From the Archives of Struggle series.

Union Rights:  Shiraz Socialist brings to my attention theLabour Start campaign to free Mahdi ‘Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb, President of the Bahraini Teachers Association (BTA) who is currently under arrest. The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty has an excellent piece criticizing members of the left that mourned the death of Kim Jong Ill in one form or another. Rossie Huzzard echos my sentiments: “This nonsensical affection for tyrannical “anti-imperialist” states taints the entire left. We are on the side of the international working class against all enemies. Solidarity with the working class of North Korea against their state oppressors!”

Anarchism, Socialism, Unionism: AWL also has a pamphlet debating the role of anarchism in the labour struggle.

And forget the OWS movement, with Newt Gingrich making inroads with Republican voters by criticizing the capitalist culture Romney comes from and perpetuates, Peter Dreier asks if Capitalism is on trial in America.

The Social Democrats USA, the small but influential organization led by Penn Kemble before his death in 2005, has been revived to some degree. Follow their activities at Social Currents.

Some items from Entdinglichung and elsewhere:

Central European Social Democracy 1900-1933

*Karl Kautsky: “Karl Korsch, Marxism and Philosophy” (1924)
*Rosa Luxemburg: Intervention sur les mandats polonais au Congrès socialiste international de Paris(1900)/ L’enseignement du 24 mars (1916)
*Julian Marchlewski: A la mémoire de Rosa Luxemburg et de Leo Tyszka (Jogiches) (1921)
Schlesische Arbeiter-Zeitung: Organ der KPD, Bezirk Schlesien (1919-1926, bis Dezember 1920 Organ der USPD)
Arbeiter-Zeitung für Schlesien: Organ der KPD, Sektion der 3.Internationale (1926-1933)

Wobblies 1913-1917

* Patrick L. Quinlan: The Paterson Strike (1913)
The New AgeOur New Editor: Patrick L. Quinlan (1921)
* Patrick L. Quinlan: Statements of on the Fate of the IWW (1917)

Anarcho-Bolshevism 1917-1924

* Iuda Solomovich Grossman-Roshchin: From the history of the anarchist “Black Banner” movement in Białystok (1924)
* Iuda Solomovich Grossman-Roshchin: Critique of Kropotkin’s Fundamental Teachings(1924)
* Iuda Solomovich Grossman-Roshchin: Georgi Gogelia (1924, Nachruf auf einen georgischen Anarchisten)
* Vyacheslav Azarov: Kontrrazvedka: The story of the Makhnovist intelligence service (2008)
* Martyn Everett: War and revolution: The Hungarian anarchist movement in WW1 and the Budapest commune 1919 (2006)
* Michael Malet: Nestor Makhno in the Russian civil war (1982)
* David Footman: Civil War in Russia (1961)
* Jewgeni Alexejewitsch Preobraschenski: La base sociale de la révolution d’octobre (1921)
*Victor Serge: Les anarchistes en Russie (1920)

Anarchist anti-fascism 1934

*Camillo Berneri: Against the racist delirium (1934)

The POUM, 1936

*The Collectivized CNT Taxis, La Révolution Espagnole, No. 11, December 18, 1936

Peter Petroff, anti-fascist and Communist dissident 1937-1939

*Peter Petroff: The Tragedy of the Red Army, July 1937/ Fascism on the March, November 1938/  Mobilisation of Cowardice, December 1938/  No Alternative – Socialism or the Migration of Peoples, January 1939 / Hitler’s Ukrainian Dream, February 1939 /  Totalitarianism – a Total Failure, March 1939 /  Fruits of Munich, April 1939 /  The Road to War, May 1939 /  Collective Security or Intrigues, June 1939 / Reversion to ‘Appeasement’?, July 1939 / Progress or Slavery, August 1939 /  The September Crises 1938-1939, September 1939 /  Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, October 1939 / Closing Hitler’s Road to the East, November 1939

Libertarian communism 1953

*Letter from Anton Pannekoek in 1953 to Socialisme ou Barbarie discussing his theories of workers councils. / Response by Cornelius Castoriadis (“Pierre Chalieu”). / Final response by Pannekoek. (All translated by Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi for Viewpoint.)

Materialist feminism 1974

Silvia Federici: Wages against housework (1974). This text is important, drawing on the Italian autonomist theorisation of the social factory out of the workerist current of the early 1970s, as well as the black and feminist critique of orthodox Marxism associated with the Marxist-Humanist tradition of CLR James, Raya Dunayevskaya and Selma James.


IMAGES AT THE TOP: From  a collection of political working class illustrations by German council communist artist Gerd Arntz at Libcom.

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  2. Poumista,
    Could you pass word of this on? [excuse the commenting on what seemed the closest post]
    ta, KSL

    The Ateneo enciclopèdic Barcelona suffered a major theft a few days ago, especially items and publications dating from the Spanish Revolution. Their statement (in Catalan) is at:
    This page has a link to the document listing the lost items with details of the missing handbills, paper currency, posters, stamps etc. This page also contains photos of stolen items (you should click twice on the thumbnail for the larger version).
    Alternatively the article with large format photos can be seen in pdf format:

    Get in touch with the Ateneo if you see these items being sold online:
    Ateneo enciclopèdic Barcelona contact details:

    • Thanks so much. Have posted and will return to this topic too – please keep me informed of any developments.

  3. […] From the archive of struggle, no.67 ( […]

  4. […] From the archive of struggle, no.67 ( […]

  5. […] From the archive of struggle, no.67 ( […]

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