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Women of the left: The International Socialist Group have an interesting series of this name. I was especially taken by this piece on Juana Belen by Mhairi McAlpine. Oh, and happy birthday Rosa Luxemburg!

Bad socialists: Jonathan Freedland has a fascinating article on eugenics, the skeleton in the left’s closet, specifically a deformity of Fabian socialists and their ilk, such as the Left Book Club’s Harold Laski, George Bernard Shaw, the Manchester Guardian and William Beveridge.

Radical Glasgow: On the weaver’s strike of 1787.

Culture: Alan Massie on Joseph Roth and Stefan Zweig.

Occupy: A letter from Straughton Lynd.

Zionism, anti-Zionism, antisemitism: Rudolph Slansky and the Livingstone formulation. The fall of Communism and the rise of antisemitism.

Partisans: This is not new, but I just saw it at the Jews and Bosniaks website: on Bosnia in WWII:

[…]Once the kingdom of Yugoslavia was conquered by Nazi forces, Serbia became a Nazi puppet state led by the régime of General Milan Nedić, while Bosnia became annexed by Ustasha controlled Nazi puppet state of Croatia. Soon thereafter, the Croatian anti-fascist leader Josip Broz Tito organized the first multi-ethnic resistance group in Europe, the Partisans, who fought against the Nazis and their collaborators – Chetniks and Ustashas. According to Tito, “Jews played a leading role in the founding of his resistance movement.” The leading figure among them was Moshe Pijade (Moša Pijade).

Majority of Serbs in the area took up arms and joined the Nazi-collaborationist Chetnik forces led by General Draza Mihailovich. Though initially fighting against the Nazis, the Chetniks signed numerous documents of collaboratioin with the Nazis. Assisted by Germans and Nedić’s regime, Mihailovich’s Chetniks embarked on a campaign to exterminate Bosnian Muslims, Jews, and anti-fascist communists (Partisans). […] As part of his genocidal policies, General Mihailovic issued the so called “Instructions” (“Instrukcije”) to his commanders on December 20, 1941 to fight for “the creation of Greater Yugoslavia, and within it Greater Serbia, ethnically clean within the borders of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srem, Banat, and Backa” and to ‘cleanse’ (destroy) “all national minorities [including Jews] and anti-state elements from state territory“.[…]

All the major military offensives by the antifascist movement of Yugoslavia against Nazis and their local supporters were conducted in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its peoples, particularly Bosnian Muslims, bore the brunt of fighting. Majority of Bosnian Muslims joined anti-fascist forces in World War II, and a small number joined short-lived SS Handzar (Handschar) division. […] [READ THE REST]

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