From the archive of struggle no.69: Emma Goldman, anti-fascism, etc

Most important link today is an apparently previously unpublished text by Emma Goldman on “The political Soviet grinding machine“, written in Barcelona in 1936.

I’ve only recently noticed the newish website Anti-Fascist Archive, which mainly has material from the history of British militant anti-fascism. Here’s a recent weekly update to give you an idea of what’s there:

Most relevant to this blog, I guess, is the pre-war stuff, so here’s a taster.

img074 img075 img076 img077img072 img073

The Two-Gun Mutualist site has been updating its translations. Among the updated are: “Nihilism” by Voline (ca.1929); Joseph Déjacque,Authority—Dictatorship (Down with the Bosses!) and Exchange; Henri Rochefort, letter on Louise Michel; Han Ryner, from “The Congress of Poets” and “The Revolt of the Machines“.

There’s lost more from the radical archive at Entdinglichungmainly in French but also including Rare texts by the Situationist International 1966-1972 and Nestor Machno’s The Anarchist Revolution (192?).

Below the fold, what’s new at the Marxist Internet Archive:

Added to the Spanish Archivo Andreu NinLa situación política y las tareas del proletariado (1937); El problema del poder en la revolucion (1937). [POUM leader in his most intellectually fertile period, shortly before his murder by the Stalinists.]

Added to the Swedish Daniel Bensaid Internet ArchiveThe Formative Years of the Fourth International (1933-38), 1988

Added to the The Militant newspaper archive on the Encylopedia of Trotskism On-Line is the complete year for Volume 5, 1941 and for all of 1942. [This is a particularly interesting period in American Trotksyist history, as the US entered the war and different positions on war and fascism were debated. Felix Morrow and Albert Goldman remained the editors for the whole time.] Plus added to the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line are the completed table of contents for the entire run of the New Militant for all of 1935. “The digitization of these journals is a project of the Left Opposition Digitization Project a collaboration between the Marxists Internet Archive, the Holt Labor Library and Dr. Marty Goodman of the The Riazanov Project.” 

Added to the French Henriette Roland-Holst archiveLe nouveau socialisme et l’action des masses. From numéro 15 du Bulletin communiste (deuxième année), 14 avril 1921. [This text sets out some of the philosophical basis for council communism in a period when the Comintern was splitting between the Moscow loyalists and the councilist left, the latter including Roland-Holst in the Netherlands.]

Added to the new International Socialism Archive –; 2nd Series (1978-1991)Ian Birchall: The Spectre of Zhdanov (1978); Partisanship and realism in art: a reply to Ian Birchallby Andrew Collier (1978) (No. 2:2); Colin Barker: The State as Capital (1978); Irene Bruegel: What keeps the family going? (1978); Norah Carlin: Medieval Workers and the Permanent Revolution (1978); Martin Shaw: Back to the Maginot Line – Harman’s New Gramsci (1978); Chris Harman: Forward from 1968 – or back to 1928? – A reply to Martin Shaw (1978); Colin Barker: Comments on Base & Superstructure (1987) (No. 34). [This was an interesting period, with the IS re-launching as the Socialist Workers Party in January 1977 after the collapse of the rank and file movement and Cliff began to develop his “downturn” theory to justify a retreat into sectarian party-building. Also: Alex Callinicos: Comments on Base & Superstructure (1987) (No. 34). Plus added to the Portuguese Chris Harman ArchiveAntonio Gramsci: Socialista Revolucionário, 1977 . Added to the Tony Cliff ArchiveStafford Cripps – Another tale of betrayal (1986).

Added to the John Maclean ArchiveOn the Clyde: A Study in Solidarity, by McManus, Plebs March 1916. [Plebs was the journal of a very important working class self-education movement, which served to connect early left communism from the continent, syndicalism from the English- and French-speaking worlds and the Scottish, English and Irish labour movements.]

Added to the Peter Petroff ArchiveElementary Education in the Five Years Plan?Social-Democrat, February 1931. Petroff, who had been a Social Democratic emigre in pre-1917 London was in exile once again in Germany, developing a soft left critique of Stalinism.]

Added to the French Communist Party ArchiveThe Marquis de Sade, Paul Elaurd, January 1927. [Eluard was a Dadaist and later Surrealist who was attracted towards Communism in this period, but only joined the party as a result of his involvement with the Resistance in 1942, which led to a break with the (then Trotskyist) Surrealist movement. By the 1950s, he was a full-blown Stalinist, but here we can see the relative intellectual openness of the pre-Stalinised PCF.]

Added to the Raya Dunayevskaya ArchiveThe World Crisis and the Theoretical Void, published in a French language translation in the journal Prometeo (March 1960), edited by Onorato Damen.

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  3. […] From the archive of struggle no.69: Emma Goldman, anti-fascism, etc ( […]

  4. […] From the archive of struggle no.69: Emma Goldman, anti-fascism, etc ( […]

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