From the archive of struggle, no.72

Thanks once again Petey for spotting an error in my last post. I’ve reposted the link below, with extras. Thanks once again, of course, Entdinglichung, whose archival gleaning is becoming impossible to keep up with.

Cover of "Waterfront Workers of New Orlea...

“The roots of multi-racial labour unity in the United States” was published in International Socialism 2:63, Summer 1994, and can be read either at MIA or the SWP’s own archive. It’s a review  of Eric Arnesen, Waterfront Workers of New Orleans: Race, Class and Politics, 1863-1923 (New York and Oxford, 1991). Here’s the intro:

The idea that white workers in the US have historically benefited from racism is widely accepted on both the academic and political left. Even those who hesitate to draw such conclusions concede that a class analysis is insufficient to explain the persistence of racism in the US. [… For socialists in the US the question of the ‘socio-economic nutriments’ of racism is a matter of practical politics. The persistence of racism cannot be accepted as a ‘baffling phenomenon’, but is either explicable in terms of the class struggle, or, if race can be proven to be a more fundamental social division than class the struggle for workers’ power in the United States is sheer utopianism.

Previous articles in this journal have taken up the relationship of race and class in general and racism in the US in particular.2 Therefore there is no need here to recount the theoretical debates on the centrality of class. Rather this review article will attempt to show how multi-racial workers’ unity could take root in seemingly the least likely context: the segregated 19th century South. It will argue that whites did not benefit from the exclusion of blacks from the ranks of organised labour, but that such divisions were disastrous for black and white workers alike.

Further, despite white supremacy, black workers North and South often rejected alliances with the small, but influential, conservative black middle class to make common cause with white workers in trade unions and socialist organisations. It will conclude by arguing that the struggle against racism in the US working class is above all a political question that cannot be resolved within the economic framework of trade unionism. Rather it must be rooted in the struggle for socialism and black liberation.

You can read Lee Sustar elsewhere,at ZSpace (on various historical and political topics), at International Viewpoint (on Egypt), at Viewpoint (on Karl Marx) and even at NPR (on Dennis Brutus).

Here’s some recently posted material from Entdinglichung, including stuff I’d missed last month. 


Vermischtes auf LibCom:

* David Nicoll: Bullets for bread! the Featherstone massacre (1893)

Vermischtes auf

– Vier Ausgaben der International News der Revolutionary Workers League (RWL) um Hugo Oehler: Dezember 1949Januar 1950Februar-April 1950und Mai-Juli 1950, u.a. als Fortsetzungsroman Oehlers A suppressed chapter in the history of Trotskyism
– Karl Kautsky: Serbien und Belgien in der Geschichte (1917)
– Rare texts by the Situationist International 1966-1972
– Nestor Machno: The Anarchist Revolution (192?)
– Eugene Debs: The McNamara Case and the Labor Movement (1912)

Vermischtes im Marxists Internet Archive:

– Raya Dunayevskaya: The World Crisis and the Theoretical Void (1960, publiziert in der von Onorato Damen herausgegebenen Zeitschrift Prometeo)
– The Militant, Jahrgang 1943
– Andreu Nin: El problema del poder en la revolución (1937)
– Revolutionary Communist League of Britain: WRP 1985: The Death of A Political Cult (1988)


gefunden auf LibComThe American Road to Capitalism: Studies in Class-Structure, Economic Development and Political Conflict, 1620–1877von Charles Post, als pdf-Datei (4,99 mb) hier


auf LibCom:

– Nina Power: One dimensional woman (2009)
– Solidarity: Spoof exam paper (1972)
– Jim Riordan: The strange story of Nikolai Starostin, football and Lavrentii Beria (1994)
– John Silvano: Nothing in common: an oral history of IWW strikes 1971-1992 (1999)
– George Fontenis on a life of militancy and the future of the libertarian alternative (2005)
– Alexander Berkman: ABC of Anarchism (1929)


– William Morris: Art and socialism [microform] : a lecture delivered (January 23rd, 1884) before the Secular Society of Leicester (1884)
– Movimiento Libertario de Jalisco: 4 Fundamentos del Anarquismo (1994)

auf contested terrain:

– Henning Böke: Nuanced History of the Anti-Germans (2006)


auf Collectif Smolny:

– Paul Levi: Brief an Clara Zetkin: Zur Rosa Luxemburgs Broschüre über «Die russische Revolution» (1921)

Materialien zu Irland/Nordirland auf Cedar Lounge Revolution und Workers Liberty:

– Bob Mitchell/Sean Matgamna: Fenians: rise and decline (1967)


– Cajo Brendel: Kronstadt: Proletarischer Ausläufer der Russischen Revolution (1974)


– Aufheben: Class re-composition in Argentina? (2002)
– Charles Reeve/Sylvie Deneuve/Marc Geoffrey: Beyond the Balaclavas of South East Mexico (1996)
– Petr Kropotkin: Mutual Aid (?)
– Petr Kropotkin: Anarchism (?)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

– International Socialist Review (1901-1918)
– The Militant, 1946
– Alfred Rosmer: Pour l’union syndicale (1921)
– Paul Foot: Shelley: The Trumpet of a Prophecy (1975)

auf Espace contre Ciment:

– JR Johnson [C.L.R. James]: Marxism and the Intellectuals (1962)
– Jacques Mesnil: Le Mouvement anarchiste (1897)


buntes Allerlei auf LibCom:

– Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherfucker: The incomplete works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea, and the Black Mask group (1990)
– Peter Zarrow: He Zhen and anarcha-feminism in China (1988)
– A. Sivanandan: The Grunwick Strike (1982)
– Loren Goldner: Worker Insurgency and Statist Containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-1977
– Edouard Berth: Anarchism and syndicalism (1908)
– Ted Perlmutter: Comparing Fordist cities: urban crisis and union response in Detroit 1915-45 and Turin 1950-75 (1988)
– Studs Terkel: Working: people talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do (1972)
– Sam Dolgoff: The anarchist collectives: workers’ self-management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939 (1974. Einleitung von Murray Bookchin)


– Esther Corey: Lewis Corey (Louis C. Fraina), 1892-1953: A Bibliography with Autobiographical Notes (1963)
– Louis Fraina: Syndicalism and Industrial Unionism (1913)

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

– Fernand Loriot/Pierre Monatte/Boris Souvarine: Pour la solidarité prolétarienne (1920)


auf Workers Liberty:

– weitere Texte in der Sammlung Trotskyism and Ireland (Irish Workers Group, 1965-8: Archive) Ireland and Permanent Revolution, etc:

auf Cedar Lounge Revolution:

– Proletarian – Journal of the Communist Organisation in the British Isles – No.1, 1974 (eine Abspaltung der B&ICO)

im Anti-Fascist Archive:

– The Scrapbook (1977, Sammlung von Zeitungsausschnitten zum antifaschistischen Aktionen in Britannien)
– If not this way, how? If not us, who? If not now, when? AFA – IWCA controversy points of clarification (ca. 1996, pdf-Datei)

beim Luxemburger Anarchist:

– William Batchelder Greene: Adress of the Internationals (1873, Auszug)

auf R.a.D.A.R.:

– Titelblatt des Le Canard enchainé vom 16. Januar 1918 zu der Frage, ob Lenin und Trotzki existieren
– Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): La parole aux ouvriers (1950)
– Leo Trotzki: Le programme transitoire (1938/1944)
– IVe Internationale, April 1962 (u.a. mit einem Nachruf auf Natalia Sedowa)

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

– GavrocheLes soixante-dix ans des Cahiers Spartacus (2007)
– und ein Hinweis auf eine Neuerscheinung: G. Munis / De la guerre civile espagnole à la rupture avec la Quatrième Internationale.

auf LibCom:

– Beverly J Silver: Forces of labor: Worker’s Movememnt and Globalization since 1870 (2003)
– George Fontenis: The revolutionary message of the Friends of Durruti (1983)
– The Third Generation: the Young Socialists in Italy, 1907-1915 (1996)
– Pat O’Mara: The Lusitania Riots of May 1915: A personal account (1994)
– Pat O’Mara: 1919 Liverpool Police strike (1994)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

– Alexandra Kollontaï: La Conférence des Organisatrices-Communistes des Femmes de l’Orient (1921)
– Communist League of America: Internal Bulletin (1930-1934)
– Communist League of America: International Bulletin (1931-1934)
– Workers Party of the United States: Internal Bulletin (1935-1936)
– Isaac Deutscher: Khrushchev habla de Stalin (1956)


auf Workers’ Liberty:

– Revolutionary Socialist Party: Connolly: hero of the Easter Rising (1947/48)


– Grandizo Munis: Qué son las Alianzas Obreras? (1934)

– Manufacturing Dissent: Prions writings of anarchist Rob Los Ricos (~ 2000)
– Arturo Labriola/Boris Krichevskii/Robert Michels/Hubert Lagardelle/Victor Griffuehlles: Syndicalisme et Scocialisme (1908)

auf LibCom:

– Stephen Catterall: The Lancashire coalfield 1945-1972: NUM-Labour Party hegemony and industrial change (2000)
– Anton Pannekoek: Imperialism and the tasks of the proletariat (1916)


– Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU): Problemas [sobre la guerrilla urbana] (1971)

beim Luxemburger Anarchist:

– Gustav Landauer: Durch Absonderung zur Gemeinschaft (1900, Auszug)
– Erich Mühsam: Namen und Menschen (19??, Auszug)

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

– Organisation communiste révolutionnaire (OCR): Révolution et contre-révolution en Russie (1946)
– Revue des revuesRené Lefeuvre (1902-1988) (1988)

dort ausserdem:

– Karl Radek: La crise du Parti Communiste Allemand (1921)


auf Workers’ Liberty:

– Revolutionary Socialist Party: An Irish Trotskyist Programme for Irish Unity (1948)

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

 Ernst Schneider (Icarus): La révolte de Wilhelmshaven – Un chapitre du mouvement révolutionnaire en Allemagne, 1918-1919 (1943)

– La gauche allemande: Textes du KAPD, de L’AAUD. de L’AAUE et de la KAI (1920-1922)
– Jan Appel: Intervention d’Hempel (KAPD) au 3° Congrès de l’I.C. (1921)
– Jules Guesde: La nationalisation par rachat des chemins de fer (1911)

auf LibCom:

– Loren Goldner: The fusion of anabaptist, Indian and African as the American radical tradition (1987)
– Chris Ealham: ‘The struggle for the streets’: Unemployed hawkers, protest culture and repression in the Barcelona area, c1918-1936(2008)
– Fernand Pelloutier: Anarchism and the Workers’ Unions (1895)
– Henri Simon: Poland, 1980-1982: Class struggle and the crisis of capital (1982)

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