From the archive of struggle, no.73: sound edition

From Ubuweb:

Bertolt Brecht’s Audio Works A sweep of recordings and interpretations of Brecht’s plays and speeches, both historical and contemporary. Includes Brecht singing two songs from “Die Dreigroschenoper” (rec. 1928/29), his testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee (1947), plays by the legendary Berliner Ensemble from the mid-50s, as well as archival radio plays of Brecht’s work including “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui,” “Mr Puntila & His Man Matti,” “In The Jungle of Cities,” “The Life Of Galileo,”The Trial of Lucullus,” “A Respectable Wedding,” “Schweik in the Second World War,” and “The Threepenny Opera.”

George Grosz Das Gesicht der herrschenden Klasse: 57 politische Zeichnungen (1921); Mit Pinsel und Schere: 7 Materialisationen (1922)

Kurt Schwitters Anna Blume: Dichtungen (1919); Memoiren Anna Blumes in Bleie: Eine leichtfassliche Methode zur Erlernung des Wahnsinns für Jederman (1922)


Not exactly sure if thee fit here, but there’s a fascinating post at the Meretz USA blog about Inventing Our Lives, a new documentary on the history and evolution of the kibbutz movement, including some interesting details about the history of the Israel left (the Hashomer Hatzair linked Kibbutz Artzi Federation, the Mapam/Meretz socialist-Zionist tradition, and the alternative left Sheli party).

And Facing the War deploys an excellent paragraph by Lezcek Kołakowski to think about anarchist rhetoric in the anarchist movement and other problems of the left today.

And Julian Wright reviews some books about Jean Jaures.


Other material from Entdinglichung beneath the fold:

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

Living Marxism, Frühjahr 1940, mit Artikeln von Paul Mattick und Karl Korsch
Deux affiches de l’A.I.T. à Paris (1871)
Textes de l’Union générale des travailleurs d’Allemagne (AAUD) (1920)
* Bernhard Reichenbach: Le KAPD rétrospectivement (1969)

auf Espace Contre Ciment:

* Tim Mason: Nazism, Fascism and the Working Class (1995)
* Gustav Landauer: Ein Brief über die anarchistischen Kommunisten (1910)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Victor Serge: Notes on Russia (1935)
* Antonio Gramsci: Workers and peasants (1919)

Auf R.a.D.A.R.:

* Marceau Pivert/Lucien Hérard/René Modiano: 4 discours et 1 programme (1937)
IVe Internationale, Juli 1962

auf LibCom:

* B. Traven: The Cotton Pickers (1925)
* Richard Parry: The Bonnot Gang: The story of the French illegalists (1987)
* Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia: The Origin and Ideals of the Modern School (1908/1913)
* Luigi Galleani: The End of Anarchism? (1907)
* Luigi Galleani: Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) (1910)
* Luigi Galleani: The Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism (19??)
* Joseph Déjacque: Down with the Bosses! (1859)
* Ann Henson/Julie Belmas: This Is Not A Love Story: Armed Struggle Against The Institutions Of Patriarchy (?)
* Lucia Sanchez Saornil: The Question of Feminism (1935)

More here which I haven’t yet sifted through.

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  2. Just FYI, what had been known for some years as Meretz USA, is now known as Partners for Progressive Israel {and the blog is the blog of PPI}.

  3. My thanks to you for recommending my post at the Partners for Progressive Israel Blog. I further explore this film and the evolving phenomenon of the kibbutz on the Tikkun Daily blog, in which I reply to Michael Lerner’s critique:

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