The hammer strikes

Syndicalism and gefilte fish

The Jewish Socialist Group has organised an event this week in London on “United Against Sweatshop Slavery: The 100th Anniversary of the Great 1912 Tailors Strike” – Wednesday night at the Bishopsgate Institute (scheduled to be in the same building as SWP/Respect renegades John Rees and Lindsey German doing a rather overpriced “A People’s History of London“, so be careful not to stray into the wrong room). Speakers include Donnacha DeLong, who blogs here. More details on Indymedia and the Facebook event. A couple of days later, on Sunday 27 May at 6pm, David Rosenberg of the Jewish Socialists’ Group will lead a walk through the radical history of the East End, focussing on the 1912 strike, starting at Freedom Books in Whitechapel – details on Indymedia.

Other events: in Dublin, the anarchist bookfair is at the weekend – details here.

Jews and the left

I’ll probably return to this at some point when I have more time, but the YIVO conference earlier this month on Jews and the left sounds to have been fascinating. Some coverage: The Tablet, American Thinker, Commentary, Forward. Related, and following up my last linky post, read Ralph Seliger on Did the kibbutz really fail, responding to Michael Lerner.


Tendance Coatesy with a wonderful post on the Bob Avakian Institute.

Mother Jones

Great article about a wonderful woman on the WSM website, also in the new issue of their Workers Solidarity.

From the archives of struggle

Below the fold, via Entdinglichung.


auf Association R.a.D.A.R.:

Clarté, 15. Juli 1922 (u.a. mit einem Artikel von Victor Serge zum Thema “russische SchriftstellerInnen und Revolution)
*La Jeune Garde, 8. Mai 1937 (u.a. mit der Bilanzierung von einem Jahr Volksfront) [Articles on Spain, including texts from POUM and on the blockade of Bilbao and teh struggle in Asturius]

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

* Rosa Luxemburg: Quelles sont les origines du 1er mai ? (1894)
* Cristiano Camporesi: Marxisme et syndicalisme chez Daniel De Leon (1976)
* Daniel Guérin: Préface à « Jeunesse du socialisme libertaire » (1959)

auf Espace contre Ciment:

* Rudolf Rocker: « Nationale Staaten sind politische Kirchengebilde » (1937)

auf LibCom:

* Katherin Burdekin: Swastika Night (1937)
* G. Dashevsky: Nominalism and the problem of the value of money (1928)
* Dario Fo: Accidental death of an anarchist (1970)
* Upton Sinclair: Oil! (1927)
* Petr Kropotkin: The Great French Revolution 1789-1793, 1-28 (1909)
* Petr Kropotkin: The Great French Revolution 1789-1793, 29-54 (1909)
* Petr Kropotkin: The Great French Revolution 1789-1793, 56-68 (1909)
* Petr Kropotkin: Revolutionary Government (?)
* Michail Bakunin: National Catechism (1866)
* Doug Emrie: The Illegalists (1994)
* Elisée Reclus: Why Anarchists don’t vote (?)
* Elisée Reclus: On vegetarianism (1901)
* Paul Avrich: Review of Luigi Galleani’s “The End of Anarchism?” (?)
* Nutmeg Brown/Ally Greenside: Ross Winn: Digging Up a Tennessee Ananchist (?)
* Melchior Seele: A Fragment Of Luigi Galleani’s Life (?)
* Emma Goldman: The tragedy at Buffalo (19??)
* Emma Goldman: Anarchism and Other Essays (19??)
Marching Altogether: Interview with a member of Leeds Fans United Against Racism and Fascism (1994)


auf Workers’ Liberty:

Articles concerning the national question: Scotland, Ireland and Israel (1987)
* Sean Matgamna: An open letter to Ken Livingstone (1988)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

The New York Communist (1919. die Zeitung der Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party, New York um John Reed und Benjamin Gitlow)
The Washington Socialist (1914-1915)
* Socialist Workers Party: Internal Bulletins/Discussion Bulletins Library (1939-1940) [Very interesting: texts by Trotsky, Abern, Bern, Burnham, Shachtman, CLR James (“Comrade Johnson”) and others]
* Antonio Gramsci: The development of the revolution (1919)
* Antonio Gramsci: Unions and councils (1919)
* Ernest Mandel: El Fascismo (1969)
* Jean Jaurès: The 9 Thermidor (1901)
* David J. Wijnkoop: De Russische en de Duitse Revolutie (1919)
* Spartacist Youth League: Young Spartacus (1973-1986)
Daily WorkerRed Cartoons 1927


auf Workers’ Liberty:

* Sean Matgamna: ‘Apparatus Marxism’, Twin of ‘Academic Marxism’ (2007)

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

L’HumanitéLe syndicalisme en Russie: interview de Sapronov (1922)
* Kommunistische Arbeiter – Zeitung (Essener Richtung): Lignes Directrices de la K.A.I. (1922, Auszug)
* Anton Pannekoek: Lettre à Erich Mühsam (1920)
* Serge Bricianer: Introduction à Pannekoek (1969, Auszug aus Pannekoek et les conseils ouvrie

In Libcom:

* Amédée Dunois/Errico Malatesta/Emma Goldman/Max Baginski: Anarchy and Organization: The Debate at the 1907 International Anarchist Congress (1907)
* Petr Kropotkin: Wars and Capitalism (1914)

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  1. “The New York Communist”

    fascinating stuff – and i got a shock when i saw that they called one mass meeting in a building on the block i grew up on and remember from long ago (since replaced by a condo, it’s new york after all).

  2. […] Heinrich Goldberg (1880-1933): Der Tod eines Anar­chisten in der Domi­ni­ka­ni­schen Republik, Poumista zu den New York Intellectuals, auf Freedom ein Nachruf auf John Brailey (1934-2012) und im New Left […]

  3. […] The hammer strikes ( […]

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