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Against Martovism! Some fantastically po-faced Stalinism spotted in the Morning Star letters page.

When tweeting can get you hard labour: Against Socialist Unity’s support for the Chinese regime.

Obituary for an anarchist: John Brailey 1934-2012.

Edd Mustill: The Daily Herald is one hundred years old

Our operaismo: Extract from Mario Tronti’s memoirs. Not read it yet, but I like this from the NLR intro: it offers an illuminating contrast of the springtime of 56 and hot autumnn of 69, and draws a sharp distinction between classical operaismo and its distant echo, autonomism, which persisted on the counter-cultural margins of Europe’s cities from the late 70s, to emerge in more hygenic form in Hardt and Negri’s Empire at the turn of the century.

From the archive of struggle no.74

This material mostly comes from a bumper edition at Entdinglichung. This leads off with MIA’s pdfs of The Workers’ council. An organ for the Third International. For info on this, see here or here. This was from an overwhelmingly Jewish and New York based left faction in the Socialist Party, that merged in 1921 with the WPA, i.e. what became the CPUSA.

Also at MIA:

* Jay LovestoneRuthenberg Dead! Farewell Comrade Ruthenberg; Farewell Our Leader (1927, pdf-Datei “An exercise in hagiography and succession politics by the chief lieutenant of recently deceased Workers (Communist) Party leader C.E. Ruthenberg.”)/James CannonRuthenberg, the Fighter: The Passing of an American Pioneer (1927 “Eulogy of the recently deceased leader of the Workers (Communist) Party C.E. Ruthenberg by a factional foe, published in the monthly magazine of International Labor Defense. Cannon recalls Ruthenberg’s personal interest in the general movement for workers’ legal defense and emphasizes his place as a founder of the ILD. “)

* Robin Blick: Fascism in Germany: How Hitler Destroyed the World’s Most Powerful Labour Movement (1975)

*Several new additions to the U.S.A. History publication section: including The Washington Socialist, journal of the Everett, Wa. Local of the Socialist Party of America, 1914-1915; “The Great Conspiracy.” (leaflet of the National Defense Committee) [c. June 28, 1920] (“Text of a rare four page leaflet of the National Defense Committee, a defense organization closely linked to the United Communist Party initially established circa June 1920 for the joint legal defense of 127 defendants indicted in Illinois for violation of state “criminal syndicalism” laws for having participated in the founding conventions of the Communist Labor Party and the Communist Party of America.”)

*In Chinese: Bertell Ollman, James Lawler, Hillel Ticktin, David Schweickart: Market Socialism: The Debate Among Socialists

8Added to the George Breitman Internet Archive are two articles from 2 1949 issues of The MilitantDeutscher’s Biography of Stalin/Deutscher’s False View of Stalinism

At Libcom:

*Wildcat: “SWP – the Party of God” (1988) – this is a real gem, which shows how far back the SWP’s accommodation with reactionary Islamism goes.

* James Boggs: The American Revolution: Pages From a Negro Worker’s Notebook (1963)
* B. Traven: The Death Ship (1926)
* Derrick White: Review: Misfit, A Revolutionary Life by Captain Jack White (2005)
* Ted Selander: The 1934 Toledo Auto Lite Strike (1984)
* Mario Tronti: Operai e Capitale (1966, englischsprachige Teilübersetzung)
* The Wages for Students Students: Wages for Students (1975)
The One Big Union Monthly, März 1919
The One Big Union Monthly, August 1920

From Workers Liberty:

*Sean Matgamna: Trotskyism or Chameleonism? The Irish Workers Group (1965-68) [n.d.]

*John O’Mahoney: Jim Larkin: the Irish Apostle of Labour Solidarity (1963)

Permanent Revolution, Nr. 1, 1973

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