Carlo Tresca (1879-1943) was an Italian-born A...

Carlo Tresca (1879-1943) was an Italian-born American anarchist, newspaper editor, and labor agitator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the wonderful Christie Books site:

Book Review: ¡Pistoleros! – The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg, Vol. 3: 1920-24 by Phil Ruff

Spanish anarchism and revolutionary action – 1961-1974 by Octavio Alberola and Ariane Gransac, ChristieBooks (Kindle edition)

The anti-Francoist guerrilla in Galicia — Mario Rodríguez Losada (O Pinche) by Antonio Téllez (Kindle edition)

And, below the fold, From the archive of struggle, no,75, mostly via Entdinglichung:

at Workers’ Liberty:

* John O’Mahony: Jim Larkin: the Irish Apostle of Labour Solidarity (1963)
* Sue Hamilton: The left wing student movement in the 1980s (1997)
* Sue Hamilton: How the left established itself (1997)

at Anarkismo:

*The Anarchist Origins of Mayday haymarket_5.jpg

tresca2.jpg*Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel

At Libcom:

Loads of great stuff about the Italian workerist/autonomist left of the 1970s, and its connection with the dissident American Marxist tradition of CLR James and an emerging autonomist inflected current in the new left:

auf LibCom:

* Marirosa Dalla Costa: Reproduction and immigration (1977)
* Adriano SofriOrganizing for workers’ power (1968)
Italy: New Tactics and Organization (1971)
Radical America 2/1973: Working Class Struggles in Italy
** Potere OperaioItaly, 1973: workers’ struggles in the capitalist crisis
** Interview with Guido Viale
** Jim Kaplan: Introduction to the revolutionary left in Italy
Radical America, 4/1970 (Schwerpunktnummer zu CLR James)
* Stan WeirWork in America: encounters on the job (1974)
* Stan Weir: American Labor on the Defensive: A 1940’s Odyssey (1975)
* ZeroWork: Introduction to ZeroWork II (1977)
* ZeroWork: “The Sons of Bitches Just Won’t Work,” Postal Workers Against the State (1975)
* ZeroWork: Developing and Underdeveloping New York: The ‘Fiscal Crisis’ and the Imposition of Austerity (1977)
* ZeroWork: National liberation, socialism, and the struggle against work: The case of Vietnam(1977)
* ZeroWork: Crisis in the Auto Sector (1977)
“We Want Everything”: An Introduction to the Income Without Work Committee (1976)
* Larry Cox: If We’re So Powerful, Why Aren’t We Free? (1976)
* Harry Cleaver: Internationalisation of Capital and Mode of Production in Agriculture (1976)


The “Piquetes”: Argentina’s unemployed build direct democracy for basic needs (2002)

From the Marxist Internet Archive:

The starting of an archive for the works of Iranian communist Mansoor Hekmat in the Spanish section, with: Un mundo mejor: Programa del Partido Comunista Obrero (1994)

American Communist history, including: “Deportation — Where?” by John Reed [March 30, 1919] Deportation is “the most modern and most fashionable method employed by tyrants to get rid of their rebellious subjects,” John Reed declares in this article in the Sunday magazine section of the Socialist Party’s New York Call. And: “Soviet Consul Again Greeted by Big Crowds: Martens Asserts that Soviet Russia is Now Supported by All Parties.”(NY Call) [event of March 31, 1919] Short news account of the second public appearance in New York City by Ludwig Martens, newly appointed Soviet Consul to the United States. Speaking before an enthusiastic overflow crowd, Martens spoke in Russian, and asserted that Right Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviks had come over to support the Soviet government in the face of foreign intervention, owing to the “great dangers it involves to all liberty in Russia.”

Added to the Fascism and how to fight it Subject Section: A Visit With Trotsky, Gérard Rosenthal, Avocat de Trotsky

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