After the storm

Català: Placa Andreu Nin a Biblioteca Pública ...

Català: Placa Andreu Nin a Biblioteca Pública de les Rambles de Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gabriel Schoenfeld had an article about why he supported Mitt Romney. Bizarrely, he thanks Max Shachtman. [h/t TNC]. Eric Lee also writes on Shachtman’s legacy. Remembering Hilda Friedstein: Hashomer Hatzair activist and animal rights pioneer. James Bloodworth:  Chavez’s dark side; It’s time to give Christopher Hitchens a statue. Andrew Coates: On the left press; European revolutionaries and Algerian independence 1954-1962.

Blogging Victor Serge: A wonderful series by Adam David Morton. The Lectern on The Case of Comrade Tulayev. More links from Sarah J Young.

Blogging George Orwell: On the publication of The Road to Wigan Pier.

From WSWS: Exhibition of photographer Agustí Centelles in Barcelona: Many unanswered questions about the Spanish Civil War; Wolfgang Brenner’s Hubert in Wonderland: A life in the shadow of Stalinism; The reactionary politics of Grace Lee Boggs; The dead-end of Catalan independence.

Below the fold, some items from Entdinglichung’s Weekly Worker feature:


auf der Webseite der Fundación Andreu Nin:


Joaquim Maurin: Els aventurers de la revolució (1931)
* Andreu Nin: La revolució democràtica i el bolxevisme (1931)
* Narcis Molins i Fàbrega: Sandino (1931)

auf LibCom:

* Subversion, Nr. 23, 1997
* Wendy Brown: States of Injury: Power and Freedom in Late Modernity (1995)
* Richard Boyden: The Oakland General Strike (?)
* Stan Weir’s Oral History of the 1946 Oakland General Strike (2007)
* Confédération Générale du Travail: The Charter of Amiens (1906)
* David Marson: Children’s strikes in 1911 (1973)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Otto Rühle: Moscow and Ourselves (1920)
* Isaac Deutscher: Maoism – Its Origins and Outlook (1964)
* Benjamin Peret: Lettera a Andrè Breton (1936)
* Benjamin Peret: Libertà è una parola vietnamita (1947)
* Benjamin Peret: Alta frequenza (1951)
* Benjamin Peret: Una protesta giustificata (1951)
* Benjamin Peret: I sindacati contro la rivoluzione (1952)
* Benjamin Peret: Per il quarantesimo anniversario della rivoluzione d’ottobre (1957)
* Victor Serge: Vladimir Korolenko (1922)
* Jules Humbert-Droz: Syndicalistes et communistes en France (1922)
* Lew Kamenew: Joseph Petrovitch Goldenberg (Mechkovski) (1922)
* Leon Delsinne: De Belgische Omwenteling (1923)
* Paul Mattick: El nuevo capitalismo y  la vieja lucha de clases (1976)
* Paul Mattick: Introducción a Capitalismo  Anti-Bolchevique (1978)

beim Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Albert Camus: Lettre à un désespéré (1939)


* Matthew Pehl: “Apostles of Fascism,” “Communist Clergy,” and the UAW: Political Ideology and Working-Class Religion in Detroit, 1919–1945 (pdf-file, Anti-Fascist Archive)


im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Rosa Luxemburg: L’alternative [1917]
* Labor Action, 1953
* weitere Artikel aus The Militant, 1930:
** Kurt Landau: The Danger of Fascism in Germany
** Leo Sedov: The Persecution of the Russian Bolshevik Opposition
** Tom Stamm: The National Miners’ Union Passes
** James P. Cannon: Opposition Problems – Deeper into the Party!
** Max Eastman: Hypocrisy for Art’s Sake in the New Masses
** Sam Gordon: France – Opposition Progress
** Arne Swabeck: The Constituent Assembly and Soviets
** Arne Swabeck: The Unemployed Gather
** Hugo Oehler: The Communists in the South
** Leo Trotzki: Notes of a Journalist
** Leo Trotzki: Letter to Revolutionary Age
** Leo Trotzki: The Revolution in India – Its TASKS and its DANGERS
** Jan Frankel: Some Stalinist Activities in Czecho-Slovakia
** Maurice Spector: New York Demonstrates for India
** Maurice Spector: The 7th Convention of the Party – a Debacle
** Max Shachtman: Capitalist Murder on the Streets!
** Max Shachtman: The Right Wing Moves Closer to Social Democracy
* Artikel aus Labor Action, 1940:
** Hal Draper: About the Rat Who Starved to Death in a Cheese Factory
** Hal Draper: Yes, It’s a Rich Man’s War – And a Poor Man’s Fight!
** Hal Draper: We Are Against the War Even Though We Are Not Pacifists
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Line 14
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Line 15
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Line 16
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Line 17
** Dwight MacDonald: Field Notes on Bronx Campaign
** Max Shachtman: Fascism and the World War – Article One
* Karl Radek: Les temps héroïques continuent (1922)
* Alex Callinicos: Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution and Its Relevance to the Third World Today (1982)
* Ian Birchall: Terry Eagleton and Marxist literary criticism (1989)
* Alex Callinicos: Bourgeois Revolutions and Historical Materialism (1989)


auf LibCom:

* Freedom: There is blood on your hands Mr. Lawson! (1946)
* Preston Clements: Labour law and order (1946)
* Donald S. Castro: “El sainete porteño” and Argentine reality: The tenant strike of 1907 (1990)
* Miguel Amorós: City air: the end of freedom in the generalization of urban space (2007)
* Stan Weir: Effects of automation in the lives of longshoremen (2004)
* Peter Marshall: Demanding the impossible: A history of anarchism (1992/2008)
* Carey McWilliams: California labor: Total engagement (1949)
* Emma Goldman: Vision on fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish revolution (1983)

auf Collectif Smolny:

* Maximilien Rubel: MARX 25a : Avant-propos (1985)

auf der Webseite der Fundación Andreu Nin:

* Jordi Arquer: Catalanisme i obrerisme (1931)

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